StarLink Fire Dual Path Cell/IP Universal FACP Communicator Now Available & Coast-to-Coast Compliant for NYCFD, LAFD + UL, CSFM & NFPA 72

Napco Security is pleased to announce the market debut and availability of StarLink Fire Dual Path Communicator.

Napco Security is pleased to announce, fresh from the NFPA Expo in Boston, the market debut and availability of StarLink Fire Dual Path Communicator, #SLE-CDMAI-FIRE, part of its award-winning StarLink Fire™ Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators Series, now boasting code-compliance for virtually all applications, in sole or dual path cellular/IP, and with a growing list: NFPA 72, UL, CSFM, NYCFD & LAFD. 

Its low-cost, compliance, and easy panel-powered installation, typically in under 15 minutes, makes StarLink Fire™ Sole & Dual Path Cellular/IP Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators an excellent choice, ensuring life-safety / fire alarm systems, old and new, keep communicating in an emergency, despite the rapidly vanishing availability of costly leased landlines. At under $30net, with the unbeatable enhanced StarLink Free for All™ Trade-up Incentive, StarLink will save both time and money. Compatible with all brands of 12V or 24V FACPs, communicating in Contact ID or 4/2, ideal for new or retrofit installations, StarLink Fire Communicators replace up to 2 POT lines per FACP, to save accounts several $1000’s each year, while creating a new dealer-RMR opportunity for the alarm companies that replace POTs, providing StarLink’s proven cellular/IP alarm reporting service in their place.

StarLink offers the broadest, Verizon Network Certified® coverage nationwide, to any central station/office, with fast, full data, via this cyber-protected multibillion-dollar cellular network, ensuring maximum reliability for customers & liability protection for dealers.  Also because StarLink Fire offers economical, unlimited-signal service plans to meet any fire-code or AHJ requirement, from NFPA 72®, to UL, to CSFM and including a growing list of those coast-to-coast, such as NYCFD and LAFD, StarLink Fire is not only easy to use, but an easy choice of equipment to standardize on for Fire applications of any brand.

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