2017 Safest College Campuses in America

2017 Safest College Campuses in America

See which college campuses top the list of the safest in the United States.

A list of the top safest schools in America has been unveiled to show which campuses have earned the right to recognize themselves as one of the most safe and secure schools in the country.

According to Niche, a data analyzing website that identifies schools and neighborhoods that are right for you, the top safest college campuses are ranked based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. The top-ranked colleges offer a safe and healthy environment with little to no campus crime, drugs or alcohol usage. To find out more about how these rankings are calculated take a peek at Niche’s methodology.

Here are the top three safest colleges in America, based on findings by Niche.

Brigham Young University – Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho

BYU - Idaho ranks number one on the list of the safest college campuses in the United States. This ranking is due, in part, to the low amount of crime, drugs and alcohol recorded on campus. A mission statement by University Police shows that preventing crime and eliminating hazards are a top priority for security professionals on campus.

The university works to educate students on what to do in an emergency situation, preparing them for active shooter situations and creating programs such as SAFEWALK to ensure that students make it to their dorms after late night study hours.

Want to know which other campuses topped the list? Head over to Campus Security & Life Safety to see the top safest colleges in America.


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