Homeland Security to Begin Creating Border Wall Prototypes

Homeland Security to Begin Creating Border Wall Prototypes

This summer, the Department of Homeland Security will begin building prototypes for the wall proposed by President Trump on his campaign trail.

The Department of Homeland Security will begin to create prototypes of the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump this summer in the San Diego area, according to report by the New York Times.

The agency will create different prototypes and add them to the existing border security in San Diego. This would allow officials to evaluate which barriers are most effective in giving Border Patrol agents time to respond to illegal drugs and human smuggling.

Officials say they plan to create four to eight different barrier types and will being to test them in real-world environments as soon as possible.

After President Trump signed an executive order for a border wall in January, Customs and Border Protection as issued two requests for proposals, for both concrete wall and other wall types. Officials at Customs and Border Protection say they have received hundreds of bids for prototypes, but have yet to choose vendors.

Customs and Border Protection said vendors should submit designs that make it essentially impossible for a person to climb the wall or gain access with a ladder. The design should include anti-climb topping features that prevent scaling using common and more sophisticated climbing aids, as well as designs that “prevent digging or tunneling below it for a minimum of six feet below the lowest adjacent grade.”

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