Security Robot Plunges Into Fountain

Security Robot Plunges Into Fountain

A security robot effectively ended its watch when it plunged itself into a fountain at a Washington D.C. office building.

The next big thing in the security industry for quite some time now has been the “security robot.” The thought of having a mechanical security guard protect places such as office buildings, shopping malls and universities is appealing to authorities as the robots do not need a salary and can usually be controlled remotely.

It seemed like the path was bright for these mobile guards until one of them decided to take a dip in a fountain at a Washington D.C. office building.

On Monday, a security robot patrolling the Washington Harbour office and retail complex in Georgetown was making its rounds when it tumbled down some steps into a fountain on the premises.

Knightscope, a Silicon Valley start-up, said in a statement that the incident was under investigation, pointing out that no one was hurt. On Twitter, the company replied to several tweets about the incident by saying, “Security robot, yes. Submarine robot, no. Got it.”

A security official from the property said the robot had only been on duty a few days before the mishap.

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