Burglar's Perspective: Why You Need Tighter Garage Security

There are three types of burglars: the amateur-opportunist, the semi-pro, and the professional.

Anyone who would like to switch careers and become a criminal ought not to go robbing a convenience store with a gun. There is much less chance for you to get caught while stealing from a home, with less than 15% of home burglars getting arrested in their entire criminal career. This is bad news for homeowners. Learn more about what burglars don’t want you to know. Hear out some burglar confessions for maximum house security and garage protection.

Know Your Crooks

There are three types of burglars: the amateur-opportunist, the semi-pro, and the professional. You would not have to worry too much about the professional ones, as they can be very deliberate about their targets. They are most likely after stuff that are bigger than what you’ve got. The real risk comes from the amateur and semi-pro ones, as they come aplenty and tend to blend with the background. Many of these thieves are young male teenagers who live nearby. Amateurs tend to spend only a few hours casing a residence, while the semi-pro may scout your neighborhood for a week or so. Either way, once a burglar has decided to rob your home, he would be in and out in a matter of minutes.

How It’s Done

One of the most common home burglary modus operandi goes this way: once a burglar has decided on a house, he will park his vehicle around the corner and just walk over to your home. He would then head straight to the front door and ring the doorbell. If someone answers the door, he would pretend to sell something door-to-door or be ready with the excuse that he is looking for a different house. If it turns out no one is around, he would go straight to the back and try to find a way in without getting too much attention. He would try the door, the window or the garage. While working in the dark may seem more favorable, many burglars would rather operate during the day when they are sure no one is around to confront them.

Many people make sure their doors and windows are locked, but forget about the often-overlooked gateway for thieves: the garage. Make sure your garage is as impenetrable as the rest of the house, especially if it is attached to your home or if your keep valuables in it.

The burglar is bound to go straight for the master bedroom, and look for drugs, money and jewelry. If he finds a laptop, gun or anything that is of high value but easy to carry, he’d grab that as well. The burglar may do a quick sweep around the house, especially the den, dining room, and living room. He would rarely venture further out into the attic or basement for fear of being confined should the police or homeowner arrive. Burglars are often in and out of the house in a matter of minutes.

How you are targeted

You would often hear real agents talk about “curb appeal” or how desirable and attractive a home looks from the street. Well, you would hear the same thing from burglars. They would first cruise your neighborhood, then decide which house to rob. The challenge is to make your house inviting to everyone, but a “hard” one for burglars. You can do simple things like keeping your lawn well-manicured, as this implies that you pay close attention to your home. Any sign of neglect would make your home appear like an easy target. Corner homes are targeted less often, as they are too visible. Burglars aim to be as discreet as possible. Houses located in cul-de-sacs, on the other hand, are at a far greater risk because they are less frequented by people and police patrols. They are also often located near the woods, which make for a great hiding place. Townhouses are also a frequent target, because of their poorly secured glass doors and small backyards.

How to Prevent Burglary

There are many little-known but highly-effective strategies you can use to lessen the chances of you becoming a target of home burglary. First, you can have an instant dog kit. Burglars hate dogs. If you actually have one, that’s great. If you don’t, you can create the appearance of having one by getting one of those “beware of dog” signs. You can also placea dog bowl and a chain by the door. This works as an effective deterrent. Steer clear of those motion-sensitive electronic dog barking devices though. They do not fool anyone.

An even more important investment you ought to make is that of a home security system. Get the real ones, not one of those dummy cameras they sell in catalogs, as burglars do recognize a fake camera when they see one. A video surveillance system with an alarm system is your best bet. The burglar’s main goal is to get in and out of the house as fast and as easily as possible. When you have a system in place that would make the whole process much riskier for them, they would just as well move on to the next target. Make sure you have a visible camera in key areas like your garage, front yard, and out back. You can also install motion-sensing lights in your garage. A well-lit garage can effectively deter thieves. Another tip to secure your garage is to have a radio playing in your garage, especially if you are not at home. Just as you would not sneak into a home if you hear noises, burglars would avoid it as well. Noise indicates human presence, and that would keep thieves away.

Be discreet with the valuables you have inside. When scouting their next target, burglars have their eyes open for the loot that awaits them. Don’t make your home a little too inviting. You would not want to be dealing with a salivating, rabid dog, for that’s how burglars can get when confronted with inviting valuables. Don’t leave the boxes of your latest gadget purchases hanging out in the open, especially not out in your front yard or open garage.

Take heed of these home and garage security tips. Seeing things from a burglar’s perspective will keep you many steps ahead.

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