Idesco Releases New Guide For Oversized ID Card Printers

Leading event management security provider offers Free Guide for Oversized ID Card Printers to Event Managers; helps improve security at large-scale events.

Idesco Corp., a leading New York-based event management security provider, today announced it now offers a Free Guide For Oversized ID Card Printers to help event managers nationwide select the right ID printing solution to keep staff, visitors, and event attendees safe and secure at all times. Idesco has secured the most prestigious events in the world and continues to offer a full line of oversized card printers that helps event managers streamline the badging process at events.

This new guide is a great way to educate security and event managers about the different types of ID Badging solutions available to them. From printing professional event badges on demand to purchasing a high-quality oversized ID badge printer; the options are unlimited when working with an event security specialist like Idesco. Event managers will learn how to issue event badges on the spot to reduce lines at the registration desk and keep a smooth flow of attendees and visitors accessing your venue. They will also learn about the different ID printer options that range from basic printers to high resolution, robust and durable printers. Printing oversized badges for an event has never been easier with Idesco on your team.

“Idesco prides itself on being an event security specialist and carries a wide range of ID card solutions that print high-quality ID badges for all types of events,” states Andrew Schonzeit, President at Idesco. “From standard CR-80 PVC cards to oversized ID badges, we have the perfect solution for any budget and wanted to provide an easy-to-read guide to help event managers around the nation get educated on the ID printing options available to them.” When event managers partner with Idesco, they team up with ID experts who will assist before, during and after each event to ensure increased productivity and minimized downtime with the right ID solution.

For more information on Idesco’s line of ID card printers for oversized badges contact Idesco at 212-889-2530 or visit to get a copy of this new guide.

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