Telaeris Joins AMAG Technology's Symmetry Preferred Partner Program

AMAG Technology welcomes Telaeris to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program.

AMAG Technology welcomes Telaeris to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Telaeris’s XPressEntry handheld access control device integrates with AMAG’s latest Symmetry™ Access Control software. AMAG Technology and Telaeris cooperatively tested and approved this integration.

“Telaeris’ native integration with Symmetry allows us to provide a world class, handheld employee mustering and verification system to AMAG’s clients who want to provide the best security and safety systems for their employees,” said Telaeris CEO, David Carta.

“The XPressEntry integration with Symmetry provides flexible, mobile access control from anywhere in a facility, increasing security in emergency situations when emergency mustering is critical,” said AMAG Technology, Vice President of Products and Partner Programs, Dave Ella.  “Fortune 500 customers have chosen the integrated solution to ensure demanding security requirements are met.  We look forward to a long partnership with Telaeris.”

Telaeris’s XPressEntry natively interfaces with the Symmetry access control system and enables a broad range of handheld capabilities for Symmetry. XPressEntry pulls data from Symmetry using the Symmetry XML Open Integration Module, including employee name, photo, access privileges, credentials, and activity. This allows security operators to enhance security and safety by using handheld badge readers anywhere in their facility for multiple purposes.

Additionally, XPressEntry monitors the occupancy of each building, live tracking each entry and exit of employees and visitors from both fixed badge readers and Telaeris mobile units. The information is presented as a live view of who is inside any facility controlled by Symmetry. This allows users to be quickly checked as safely exited from buildings during fire drills and most importantly during true emergencies.
Telaeris is the worldwide leader for emergency mustering systems and handheld badge reading solutions for security and safety. The XPressEntry system is built to provide extended physical access control features from a mobile handheld badge scanner, with the capability to read any badge credential.

For more information about the Symmetry Access Control integration with Telaeris’s XPressEntry solution, contact your Regional Sales Manager, call 310.518.2380 or visit  For more information about XPressEntry, call Telaeris at 858.627.9700 or visit

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