Next Steps for Charlottesville

Next Steps for Charlottesville

Governor McAuliffe defines the next steps for Charlottesville after violent clashes and vehicle crash.

In an attempt to begin healing, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe released a statement regarding the next steps he and his administration will take following the events this past weekend in Charlottesville.

"Today, I convened an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the next steps we, as a commonwealth, must take in order to begin the arduous process of healing our community and confronting the racism that stubbornly remains in our nation," McAuliffe said. "The events of this weekend have only strengthened our resolve to combat hatred and bigotry, and I want Virginia to be a leader in the national conversation about how we move forward."

McAuliffe said that he will be asking for an in depth review of how the events in Charlottesville unfolded as well as how they can be prevented in the future.

"I directed my team to conduct an extensive review that will include how we issue rally permits, law enforcement preparation and response, and coordination at the local, state and federal level." McAuliffe said in the statement.

McAuliffe also called out the federal government in his statement, urging them to hone in on domestic threats.

"In addition, the federal government must focus on the threat of domestic terrorism, especially when it comes from beyond state lines."

McAuliffe closed his statement by giving thanks to the Virginia State Police and the National Guard personnel that worked hand in hand to protect Charlottesville.

"Without their extensive preparations and measured actions, we would be facing a far more grave situation today."

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