Extra Layers of Security for U.S. Open in New  York  City

Extra Layers of Security for U.S. Open in New York City

Officials believe the security plan will rival that of Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

The U.S. Open is in full effect and the officials of New York City are particularly weary of the additional 700,000 people who have entered the city to view tennis players make history by becoming champions.

NYPD has added new bomb detection technology to its layers of security at the tournament this year as it prepares for massive crowds of spectators. The new plan of security also includes surveillance cameras placed on roads at checkpoints to help police check for explosives that are either hidden or attached to the bottom of vehicles.

Police will be checking trucks and cabins of every car entering the security zone near the tennis complex to keep out explosive devices and unwanted weapons.

This security plan has been in the works for weeks leading up to the event, and at the police headquarters in New York City, NYPD intelligence units have poured over past threats made to countries overseas and at home. The officers told local news stations that they wanted to be prepared for anything since this event is identified as a soft target, much like the concert halls and restaurants soldiers of ISIS have targeted in the past.

Officials stressed that there is no current threat to the event, but recent truck attacks in France, Germany and Spain were the reason for the general concern and heightened awareness.

In addition to the bomb detection equipment, police will be using cameras that constantly film the promenade, coupled with barriers to create a security zone and security checkpoints that individually scan attendees.

Hundreds of police officers will be patrolling during the weeks-long event, and the FBI has set up a command post on site for the duration of the tournament.

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