Welcome to Dallas

Howdy folks, welcome to Dallas! You can’t imagine my appreciation for having ASIS in my backyard. All it means is that I get to stay in my own home and sleep in my own comfortable bed each night. Getting downtown for the tradeshow is a completely different matter.

Dallas is a great city. Aside from what promises to be a great security tradeshow, the city has many things to offer guests and visitors.

First on this list is any number of excellent places to eat. People in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area demand good food, and plenty of it. There are an abundance of great restaurants in the Metroplex. I’m going to start my security industry event with dinner at Dakota’s on Monday night with the gang from Altronix.

There are any number of other industry events throughout the week that promise to be great food, or held at spectacular venues, among those would be Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

All good things eventually end, and it is with some sadness that our own Randy Easton has announced and will be retiring from serving manufacturers in the security industry. Randy has been selling advertising space for a long time; maybe 8 or so years with us. Randy is, by the true definition, a true southern gentleman. Never mind that he is from Indiana, he has lived in the south for many years.

This will be Randy’s last security tradeshow. He’s off to bigger and better things, having planned his retirement to spend a lot more time with his family.

Best wishes, Randall.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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