France Ups Security Wtih Bulletproof Wall Around Eiffel Tower

France Ups Security With Bulletproof Wall Around Eiffel Tower

Work has begun on the clear bulletproof wall that is going up around the perimeter of the Eiffel Tower.

Work has begun on a bulletproof wall of glass along the based of the Eiffel Tower. The measure is part of France's multi-million euro effort to improve security at the Paris tourist attractions amid the ongoing security threats against the country.

The spate of terrorist attacks in France and around the world since the November 2015 Paris attacks, have pushed the country into a heightened state of emergency.

Due to the heightened state of security, tourist officers reported a drop in visitors to the Eiffel Tower. But now, efforts are underway to entice tourists back to the iconic viewing deck through a $300 million modernization project.

The overhaul will include security measures, new signage and an increase in online ticket availability in 2018. According to a French newspaper, the glass wall installation began on Monday Sept. 18 with construction planned so as to cause as little disruption as possible. The glass bulletproof panels will be placed on the north and south sides of the tower facing the Champs de Mars and the bridge of Jena.

Image from Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes. 


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