Mark Cuban ASIS Keynote Resonates with Attendees

It's no secret that Mark Cuban is a celebrity, especially amongst Shark Tank fans and Mavericks fans, but there is another side that one might not be familiar with. The software/Security side. And, frankly, he is knowledgeable.

Mark Cuban was the keynote speaker during the ASIS luncheon on Monday. The line to get into the event was massive. Even getting there 10 minutes early, attendees still had to wait in line about 50 feet away from the door. An impression that made people all the move excited to get inside.

After a few awards were announced and introductions were made, Cuban entered the stage in a very nonchalant manner. He seemed approachable and down to earth. The first thing he did after he sat down, was remove his shoes - ready to get comfortable and answer some heavy security questions.

Cyber security was the first topic he launched into.

"There are two kinds of companies out there," Cuban said. "Those who have been hacked, and those who have but don't know it."

He also said Security always starts at the perimeter, such as how he goes about securing the American Airlines Center during a Mavericks game. He has his Security team working to protects hallways and walkways, and even the surrounding streets where people often park to attend a game. It's during those walks where people could easily be targeted, so they work hard to patrol those areas in addition to inside the arena.

Cuban also said you can never be 100 percent secure, but you can try getting as close to that as possible by being "preemptive and proactive."

He also mentioned looking to the future and considering having elevated walkways for pedestrians so that cars couldn't collide into them by accident or by a threat when autonomous cars are driving around, and could be hacked. Just another way to secure the perimeter and to always keep learning about new technologies that can help or hinder Security, and plan accordingly - as far ahead as possible.

When asked which is more important to protect, physical or cyber security, Cuban said cyber security because "it never stops." Cyber threats continue to pursue its targets until successful. It's important to continue researching ways to combat cyber security as an ongoing battle.

And speaking of battle, Cuban discussed AI and robotics, saying that is the way of the future. During his final closing, he said the government and businesses need to work on a non-stop AI approach. The government, specifically, needs to track GPUs and find out where they are so that we can find our adversaries, and stay as the top country on AI and robotics, because that's where the future is. This so the technology we need.

When asked about his legacy, Cuban said he wanted to be known as a good Dad, someone who had fun, and one who ever quit working and improving.

Once the keynote was over, attendees were impressed with what he had to say. Indeed, most everyone I spoke to said they had learned a great deal more about Security and how to approach it from several different angles - while also learning a few tips on how to become a great entrepreneur.

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