Exploring ASIS in Dallas

If there is any question about Dallas as a host city for ASIS, that should be cleared up after day one of 2017 ASIS. My opinion and observation is that attendees crowded the aisles and show floor in number this exhibition hasn't seen in years.

ASIS moves to Las Vegas next year, bur surely, tradeshow organizers have to be pleased with the first day.

On Monday, Allied Universal offered a peek into its Monitoring and Response Center, located in Richardson, Texas. Company experts were able to show off its state-of-the-art facility that provides end-to-end video surveillance using real time analytics. This is a 12,000 square foot facility with about 100 employees. Some of the demonstrations at the facility were an array of situational intelligence surveillance, an autonomous data machine, or a robot, and the new tech communications hub.

Company officials from Johnson Controls offered an updated, a year later, following the merger of the two companies. About a year ago, Johnson Controls acquired Tyco, and the integration of the two entities has exceeded all expectations.

Some of the highlights include product road maps, integrated products, interoperability and embedded technology of products that the industry has been watching closely.

It has been a good year for the company as teams have been able to successfully cross-sell products within expanded channels. The company has made a wise investment in 100 additional engineering resources. It is a big company with a global reach, but officials promise to be nimble with business decisions being made at the local levels.

I believe we'll see more good things coming from the company in the year ahead.

I"m anxious for the show to get underway today; typically the second day offers a more robust corp of attendees. I hope you are finding the technology enhancements and products that will best serve your customers.

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