ASSA ABLOY Helps Stores Stay Secure During the Holiday Season

While temporary workers help serve the influx of holiday shoppers, they also represent higher security risks.

With the holiday shopping season here, many retail companies hire seasonal employees for extra support during this increasingly busy time. While temporary workers help serve the influx of holiday shoppers, they also represent higher security risks. Facility keys must be copied and distributed. Additional space must be provided for employees’ personal items. Offices and stock rooms must be safeguarded to handle unusually high traffic. ASSA ABLOY can secure any opening to keep all aspects of the business safe during this peak season.

Ditch the Keys – Instead of giving traditional keys to seasonal employees, businesses can turn to access control systems that issue each employee access through an individual key card or personal code. Access control systems allow managers to easily revoke access when the season is over without having to collect keys as employees leave. Additionally, managers are able to individualize access to ensure that employees only have access to the spaces required for their roles. These access control solutions also maintain audit trails so managers can see which employees accessed specific areas and when.

Clear the Break Room – Not all businesses are built for a large number of employees. Back rooms may not be properly equipped to accommodate the additional seasonal employees and their personal items. Access controlled lockers allow employees to secure coats, wallets and bags without the fear of anything being stolen. Employees are able to use the same cards to access both the lockers and the secured spaces around the facility. Managers can either assign employees to a specific locker for continued access or lockers can be distributed each day on a “first come, first served” basis where access credentials are cleared after each use.

Protect Office Space – More employees mean more traffic throughout the entire retail space including stock rooms and executive offices. If a retail facility is unequipped to handle the high traffic, it may leave itself vulnerable to employee theft. Business owners and managers can easily keep these spaces secure with restricted access keycards and keypad codes. Today, indoor intelligent locks have break-in and damage alarms that sound when someone tampers with the locks. Like cabinet locks and external access control systems, indoor access controlled lockers also keep an audit trail of all activity.

Because holiday sales can define a retailer’s bottom line for the entire year, many must increase employee headcount to accommodate the seasonal business. Some of the largest retailers, like Target and Amazon, have already announced hiring plans for seasonal workers in 2017 of 100,000 and 120,000 respectively. If retail facilities do not enhance security to accommodate the surge in employees, they leave themselves at a greater risk of theft. Simple access control solutions such as keypad and key card paired maglocks, electric strikes, cabinet locks and entry devices are easy to install and a first line of defense against theft.

ASSA ABLOY provides many solutions for the challenges of adding seasonal employees including the Securitron R100 Surface Mounted Card Reader with Aperio® Technology, Securitron DK-26 Digital Keypad System, HES 610 Series Cabinet Locks and HES 1500 Series Electric Strikes. Learn more about access control solutions and products at

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