Execution of Security Protocols Prevents Tragedy at Hospital

Execution of Security Protocols Prevents Tragedy at Hospital

The gunman was the only person injured and no shots were fired inside the hospital.

Bakersfield Heart Hospital in Bakersfield, Calif., praised its staff for quick execution of their security protocols after a man entered the campus with a gun Friday night. The gunman was the only person injured and no shots were fired inside the hospital.

The incident took place late Friday afternoon when a man shot through a glass door on the south side of the hospital. The man entered the hospital before walking down hallways, entering the administration area and finally exiting through the same door he used to enter, a hospital spokeswoman said.

According to surveillance video from the hospital, an unnamed security guard spoke with a hospital housekeeper to inform her of a man in the parking lot.

"She and the security guard spoke to him and [the housekeeper] very quickly noticed that the gun was hanging from his side," Oxford said. "She came directly up to administration and notified me."

Within seconds, Oxford called a “Code Silver” – a person with a weapon – and contacted 911. The hospital was placed on lockdown and nurses moved people from the lobby into secure rooms. Police officers arrived at about 4:43 p.m. and identified and shot the gunman within a few of minutes.

"The same staff that feared for their lives and the lives of their patients quickly responded to the gunshot victim, placed him on a gurney and rushed him to the Emergency Department," the hospital said in a release. "He was then transferred to a trauma hospital for treatment."

Oxford credited her staff for their preparation and performance.

“Though our hospital is designed to be a place of healing, we conduct regular drills to prepare for events such as (Friday's) unfortunate situation," she said. "Our staff throughout the facility quickly responded to this incident by following their training to safeguard patients and visitors to the best of their ability.”

She noted that their actions helped prevent a worse outcome.

"We commend our physicians, nurses and staff for their extraordinary response to the events that unfolded,” Oxford said. “The countless acts of heroism in risking their own lives to keep our patients safe and secure were selfless and courageous.”


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