Getting the Most from Camera Analytics Requires the Right VMS


Getting the Most from Camera Analytics Requires the Right VMS

Hanwha Techwin recently launched the all new Wisenet WAVE, a VMS (Video Management System) designed to support the advanced features and onboard video analytics that are unique to Hanwha cameras. Hanwha developed WAVE to provide a simple, reliable, lightweight and scalable VMS to customers across a variety of sectors, like retail and education.

Ideal for customers seeking an easy to use end-to-end video surveillance solution, WAVE is highly customizable and can create tailored network video solutions for any type of project, on any device. WAVE supports advanced analytics such as intelligent video analytics (appear, disappear, loitering), market intelligence statistics (queue management) and sound classification (explosion, glass breakage, gun shot and scream detection). Analytics help to remove the burden from security personnel and mitigate human errors. Operators receive real-time notifications when an incident happens without relying on constant human intervention and monitoring. Security operators can also stay informed about their security system’s health without the need for a full-time person dedicated to manually verify the position and operation of each camera.

Ease of Use
An intuitive ‘drag & drop’ interface makes it effortless for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customizable layouts and sizes. With WAVE’s zoom window, operators can quickly view close up detail of any activity and the system’s motion detection and video analytics support can be configured to automatically generate alerts when incidents occur. The Wisenet WAVE mobile app enables users to view, search, and control IP cameras to quickly respond to any incident from a smart device, using Wi-Fi or data networks.

Key Features and Benefits
Users can create and save an unlimited number of layouts by dragging and dropping devices, servers, or local media files onto the viewing grid and resizing individual cells to their desired position and size. Layout names are user-configurable. Users can open multiple “tabs” or layouts in the desktop client interface to suit different operations and monitoring needs.

Users can easily set up a fisheye camera as a ceiling mount, wall mount, or floor/table mount. To calibrate any fisheye lens, users can either choose auto calibration or use a manual combination of 5 sliders to custom calibrate any fisheye –including panoramic lenses.

The Smart Motion Search feature allows a customer to examine archived video streams from connected IP cameras that had motion detection enabled. Operators can highlight single or multiple search areas in the viewing cell in order to rapidly look for motion detected in that area. Indexing is extremely fast –one year of archived video with its matching motion detection index can be searched in approximately 5 seconds.

Digital mapping of device feeds onto a background image, such as a map or facility blueprint, can be achieved by simply uploading a background image, and adjusting the width, height, and opacity level. Devices can then be dragged and dropped from the resource panel onto the layout and will be shown overlaid on top of the new background image.
Two-way audio enables operators to receive and transmit audio through an IP camera. For any cameras which support this feature, operators see a microphone button that allows them to click and speak.

Cyber Security Concerns
There are inherent risks associated when choosing a system purely on price. It is critically important to keep all server software and camera firmware up-to-date to avoid security loopholes. WAVE can provide one-click, system wide updates to servers whenever new software is available. These capabilities may cost slightly more up front, but deliver substantial savings over the life of the system because a VMS is only as secure as its weakest end-point. WAVE, together with Hanwha cameras based on the Wisenet 5 SoC (system on a chip), provide a solid secure foundation that is rigorously and routinely tested against cyber threats.

Compatibility and Installation
WAVE is focused on fully utilizing the power of onboard analytic features embedded in the Wisenet X series cameras. WAVE is also ONVIF compliant which allows it to support many other ONVIF compliant devices. The advanced tab of the Camera Settings Dialog displays any camera settings which are available via the ONVIF implementation on the camera. As ONVIF is a self-declared standard, the settings available here may not be the same on all cameras.

Exceptionally lightweight and requiring very little computing power, WAVE can be installed within minutes and does not require a system with high specifications. To ensure reliability, multi-server redundant fail-over is built into the software and requires no additional fail-over licenses. System administrators can merge multiple WAVE systems together. Merging allows users to expand an existing system and a single system can have an unlimited number of servers.

WAVE supports all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu for server application; Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Apple macOS for the client application; and Apple iOS and Google Android for the mobile application and web clients.

Access and Management
To simplify system access and management, Hanwha has developed WAVE Sync, a cloud-based service that enables remote access and insight into one or any number of Wisenet WAVE Systems. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it allows users to share their system without having in-depth knowledge of the network router and switch configurations. Once the Wisenet WAVE system is linked with WAVE Sync, users can remotely share the system. WAVE Sync can save hours in port-forwarding setup and coordination.

In addition, Hanwha includes an SDK/API package directly within the Server application enabling developers to easily integrate their solutions with Wisenet WAVE. For large scale and more sophisticated projects, Hanwha will continue to work closely with its VMS technology partners.


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