Google Believes Android is as Secure as iOS Now

Google Believes Android is as Secure as iOS Now

Google released its fourth annual review for Android security. Here are the highlights.

Google believes they have finally done it. They believe Android is now as secure as Apple's iOS.

In the company's 56-page annual review of Android security, Google published a slew of interesting facts about Android's security. Here's the highlights.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is playing a huge role in protecting Androids, according to the review. In May 2017, Google Play Protect was announced as a one-stop shop for Google's suite of security services on Android. Machine learning found 60.3 percent of all potentially harmful apps within the Play store, and Google expects that number to continue to increase.

The Numbers

Android has always been perceived as the weaker platform since iOS debuted, but lets take a look at the numbers presented by Google. In 2016, the annual probability of downloading a potentially harmful app was at .04 percent, which is a pretty small number. Google reduced that number by half in 2017 to .02 percent. Impressive.


There are two billion Android devices being actively used, and ensuring that they all have the most recent software with updated security features is a challenge. According to the review, in 2017, Google increased the number of Android devices that received security patches by more than 30 percent. Updating phones with the latest security will always be a problem, but Google is really showing effort.

As Secure as iOS

The Android security review oozes pride for the security measures and improvements Google has made. They are so confident in the security of the Android now that David Kleidermacher, the head of Android security said that the mobile operating system is as safe as the competition. That's a lofty claim, but we are inclined to believe it given their dedication to creating a safe and secure platform for their users.

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