Wi-Fi Security Sees Toughest Upgreat in a Decade

Wi-Fi Security Sees Toughest Upgrade in a Decade

Wi-Fi Alliance is looking to beef up security with an updated protocol

Last year more than 500,000 consumer-grade routers around the world were breached by hackers using the nefarious VPNFilter malware that originated from Russia. Now, after nearly a decade of the same standards, the Wi-Fi Alliance is looking to beef up security with an updated protocol.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a group of companies certifying devices capable of data transmission over Wi-Fi. For years, the standards have been the same, allowing hacker after hacker access to vulnerable routers. Yesterday, the alliance updated the commonly implemented security protocol for Wi-Fi enabled devices and has also begun the process of certifying products that support WPA3.

Devices upgraded to WPA3 will be mostly invulnerable to hackers attempting to guess your passwords until they get it right. The new security provisions will also enable "robust protection" when people use weak passwords. Additionally, WPA3 enabled devices will also feature individualized data encryption, making them safer to use in public places.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is also releasing a new program for both WPA2 and WPA3 devices that enables a QR code-based system for connecting devices to access points. All you would have to do to connect is scan the code.

While the Wi-Fi Alliance currently does not mandate a WPA3 certification for all new devices, its adoption is expected to accelerate in the coming years and WPA3 could soon become a prerequisite for Wi-Fi certification.

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