Campus Shootings Changes Back-to-School Shopping

Campus Shootings Change Back-to-School Shopping

Parents are finding themselves purchasing bulletproof items for their children to take to school with them.

Back-to-school shopping is not just for pencils, paper and tissues anymore. New bulletproof items purchased by parents to give their children to take to school with them is a sobering reminder that students are no longer preparing for academic subjects but for potential violence on campus.

Gun violence on campuses like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Santa Fe High School are changing the way parents are shopping for school supplies. Many parents have found it necessary to purchase items such as bulletproof panels and backpacks to protect their children at school.

One of the items that was circulated after the shootings in Florida and Texas was a bulletproof panel that students can insert in the backpack they already have. These panels have been making the rounds on social media. In a tweet, one teacher expressed her surprise seeing one of these panels in a preschooler's backpack.

"Seeing this broke my heart," the teacher who identifies herself as "Gaia" said on Twitter.

While the panels are a popular buy, parents are also turning towards bulletproof backpack options. For example, a pink bulletproof backpack called, "BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof My Child's Pack" is sold out online as of the middle of July. The backpack retails for $199.

A shopping mall in McAllen, Texas is also selling bulletproof backpacks to parents who have been affected by the events at Santa Fe High School. These backpacks fold out in order to protect the students entire body and are classified as "anti-ballistic school backpack for children."

"This is beyond depressing," Twitter user Sam Hooper said.

The move to buy bulletproof school supplies comes after the PDK Poll concluded the majority parents fear to send their children to school and are not confident in their school's security and safety.

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