Mozilla Launches Data Breach Notification Service

Mozilla Launches Data Breach Notification Service

“Firefox Monitor” will allow users to check whether their personal information and passwords have been part of a data breach

Mozilla, the company behind popular web browser Firefox, has announced the release of a free service to help their users learn if their information has been compromised as a result of one of the increasingly-pervasive data breaches plaguing the modern internet.

Firefox Monitor will use the same databases as Troy Hunt’s website “Have I been Pwned,” due to a partnership between Mozilla and Hunt. The website checks a series of databases to find data that has been accessed as part of a breach, or leaked to an untrustworthy website in the aftermath of such a breach.

“It can be hard to keep track of when your information has been stolen,” writes Nick Nguyen of Mozilla. “So we’re going to help by launching Firefox Monitor, a free service that notifies people when they’ve been part of a data breach.” Firefox Monitor will also allow users to sign up to receive emails if their information is detected in a future breach.

If you find you have been “Pwned” through Hunt’s website or Mozilla’s, it is recommended that you change your password immediately, on any sites that may have used the exposed one. Enabling two-factor authentication and using strong, unique passwords wherever possible also reduces the risk of your information being endangered.

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