New York City Launches Security App

New York City Launches Cybersecurity App

The smartphone application will help New York City residents increase their personal cybersecurity.

New York City has just launched their new smartphone application, NYC Secure, a platform aimed to help residents increase their cybersecurity. The app is the first of its kind and will use an evolving suite of solutions to defend New Yorkers from malicious cyber activity on mobile devices, across public Wi-Fi networks, and more.

The first NYC Secure program will include a free City-sponsored smartphone protections app that, when installed, will issue warnings to users when suspicious activity is detected. The City additional announced new world-class protection for its public Wi-Fi networks, becoming the first city in the world to provide such services to all residents and visitors free of charge.

The NYC Cyber Command, which was created in 2017 by Mayor Bill de Blasio by Executive Order, oversaw the development and creation of NYC Secure. 

"Our streets are already the safest in the country, now we're brining that same commitment to protecting New Yorkers into cyberspace," de Blasio said in March when the app was announced. "New Yorkers manage so much of their lives online, from paying bills to applying for jobs to engaging with government. NYC Secure will ensure that we're applying the best and most effective protection efforts to help New Yorkers defend themselves online."

The application is now available for both Android and iOS. Many gadget and tech websites believe the NYC Secure isn't necessary if you already have other security tools in place, but is a nice suite of security for those who are casual in their internet usage and would like to increase their cybersecurity. 

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Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.


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