The Watch List for 2019

The Watch List for 2019

The truth of the matter is that trends are changing every day.

We talk and write about trends at the end and beginning of each year. The truth of the matter is that trends are changing every day. Something new has developed, and introduced, and a new trend begins.

As I begin to think about 2019 and the trends we’ll see, most of them are already in the works.

Artificial Intelligence has been talked about for years, and has been part of many industries for a long time. It will become an integral part of the security industry as more complex algorithms are implemented. As people gain a better understanding of how to implement this technology, I believe it will become commonplace at the edge, on the camera platform. Remember, this is still an emerging technology and somewhat unproven, but there are several providers that have implemented this strategy.

Facial recognition also will become a vital part of the security industry; however it will require much more computing power. As noted by Brian Carle, director of product strategy at Salient Systems, “this will require more than simple analytics, such as cross line detection.”

Facial recognition will become a boon to the video surveillance market as persons of interest will become known as they attempt to enter a secure facility. For instance, airports will be able to detect terror suspects, casinos will be able to watch for known cheaters, schools will know ahead of time by identifying parents without visitation rights and retailers will be able to identify known shoplifters.

Product of origin has become a big deal and the security industry has seen several factors that will make a difference in available product. Nations not allied with the United States have been affected by imposed tariffs, and the government signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for 2019. The truth: buyers inside and outside the government are taking a second look at where their security equipment is coming from. Political disagreements and unrest will continue to hamper international trade.

Cybersecurity will still cause a primary concern, as has been the case for several years. Fredrik Nilsson, president, Americas at Axis Communications, said that future trends and cybersecurity will only increase as connected devices and systems continue to work together. He said, “cybercriminals continually grow more crafty and relentless in their attempts to breach networks.” Cybersecurity always seems to be in the Top 5 of concerns in the industry.

The Internet of Things is not necessarily new, but it certainly has taken on a life of its own in the security industry. The capabilities of IP-based systems are in constant evolution, and the thirst for data it part of our everyday life. Technology demands new and creative ways to harness this power, ensure that it remains flexible and is a viable part of big data. IP camera manufacturers have been at the forefront in this development. Expect this trend to continue its growth and prosperity.

Not new to the security industry or any marketplace will be continued partnership. While not new, it is an always evolving trend. I believe we will see additional mergers and acquisitions in 2019. As businesses become more interconnected, people who try to work on their own will find it more difficult. I believe companies will continue to work together as partners to smooth out the bumps along the way. I also believe that integrators who pick and work with valuable partners will enjoy more long-term success.

Again, trends are not something that happens at the end of a given year, and start in January. Trends are those things that have an impact of your business at any given time and continue into the new year, and beyond. If you are positioning your company to take advantage of solutions and technology that is already available and that is being postured right now, you should be able to use all the resources for success.

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