New Technology Aims to Stop a Shooting Before it Begins

New Technology Aims to Stop a Shooting Before it Begins

A new security system uses artificial intelligence to detect guns with up to 99 percent accuracy.

With mass shootings on the rise, new security technologies are being developed everyday with the goal of preventing further gun violence. Athena, a new security technology, uses artificial intelligence to detect a firearm before it is used. 

The system touts up to 99 percent accuracy when identifying guns. It can spot these weapons, or those making threatening motions, alerting someone who could prevent them from entering a building and causing harm.

The system connects directly to the security cameras that are already in place at a business or school campus, bypassing any heavy or costly installation. In case of double, the system instantly relays information and can directly alert the police.

The technology will also send real-time footage of an incident to law enforcement agencies, allowing them to know about the current situation before they arrive on scene. 

While Athena promises that its algorithms will keep prices down, the main holdup could be that the system has a hard time distinguishing between a real and fake gun, leading to unnecessary alarms.

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