Live From ISC West 2019 Wrap Up

This year at ISC West brought plenty of new and innovative solutions to the top of many minds last week. The show floor was buzzing all three days and based on the conversations I had in the airport after the show ended and on Monday when I finally got back to my desk, ISC West 2019 will have a lasting effect on the rest of the year.

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This year, I had the immense pleasure of working with companies that have really revolutionized the security industry in their own way. Through our Live from ISC West program, we were able to really highlight security manufactures and integrators that are rolling the dice and making big moves, Las Vegas pun intended.

STANLEY Security came out to ISC West this year looking to make an impression. The company unveiled an entirely new booth with interactive pieces that help to demo and explain the many, many solutions they have to offer. I got to grab an in-depth demo of STANLEY Security’s IntelAssure, Powered by Viakoo, at the booth. This solution considers the evolution of physical security and IT security and provides service assurance technologies that both protect employees and the company as a whole. This solution is designed to detect, diagnose and recommend a specific fix to reduce system downtime. Does it get any better than that?

Also, at the show this year was ReconaSense, a company looking to revolutionize the physical security industry by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The intelligent technology-driven company announced ReconMaps, a new module of its A.I.-powered security platform that is designed to provide real-time decision support for advanced emergency and security management. A powerful geospatial visualization tool empowers organizations and security departments to quickly and easily view any type of incident, and the affected surrounding resources. With words like geofencing, geospatial analysis, proactive, risk-aware guidance and more in the solution description, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to learn more about ReconaSense and the forward-thinking moves they are making.

Salient Systems represents the latest in innovation, style and convenience. Their booth was consistently packed with ISC West attendees waiting to get a look at their security platform, a unified solution that is simple, scalable and secure. With its newly designed user interface and superior command and control tools, Salient delivers a comprehensive management platform that features enhanced solutions like CompleteView 20/20, TouchView Mobile, LPRTracker, TransactionTracker, ViewPoint and VideoSynopsis. The newest version of CompleteView 20/20 comes with CV GeoView, custom tabs, automatic map switching, text search, remote investigations and more making it one of the more robust video management solutions I’ve seen at a trade show.

Open Options headed to ISC West this year as the most recently acquired company by ACRE. The company hosted their annual Partner Appreciation event during the show and newly announced Open Options President Steve Wagner and ACRE CEO Joe Grillo were in attendance to speak about the recent acquisition. Grillo says he is excited to bring Open Options into the ACRE family and expects great success across all partners in offering access control solutions to their clients. According to Wagner, Open Options will focus on delivering a superior solution to the market while also dominating in customer service and leading the pack in innovation and integration partners. This will be an easy feat for Open Options, who continues to be a leader in open platform access control.

MOBOTIX has been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, uncompromising reliability and premium “made in Germany” quality since 2000. In this increasingly connected world, MOBOTIX is extremely aware of the privacy and data security needed in our camera systems today. As a pioneer in IP video technology, MOBOTIX sets standards for data security. A sophisticated ring buffer concept ensures that video data is saved on the camera’s SD card, even in the event of network failure. MOBOTIX also offers a wide range of special security technologies to increase system security and ensure the protection of privacy.


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New Products

  • Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft Cloud Video Surveillance VSaaS Solution

    Videoloft focuses on transforming traditional professional surveillance systems into cloud connected solutions via the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. 3

  • HID Signo Readers

    HID Signo Readers

    HID Global has announced its HID® Signo™ Biometric Reader 25B that is designed to capture and read fingerprints in real-world applications and conditions. 3

  • VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder

    VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder

    Johnson Controls announces a powerful recording solution to meet demanding requirements with its VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder. This solution combines the powerful capabilities of victor with the intelligence of VideoEdge NVRs, fueled by Tyco Artificial Intelligence, for video management that provides actionable insights to save time, money and lives. 3