Man Arrested for Attempting to Rush Through Phoenix Security Checkpoint

Man Arrested for Attempting to Rush Through Phoenix Security Checkpoint

After attempting to rush through a security checkpoint at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, a man was arrested and booked on multiple charges, including five counts of misdemeanor assault.

A man was arrested for attempting to rush through a security checkpoint and attack multiple TSA officers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday morning, TSA said in a statement. The situation was halted quickly, but TSOs were injured in the skirmish.

According to TSA and Phoenix police officials, the man has been identified as a 19-year-old black male, and was booked on charges of criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, and five counts of misdemeanor assault.

Donnie Jones, a witness who had just passed through security when the incident occurred, told ABC15 that after he passed through security, he suddenly heard screaming and hollering.

“I don’t know what his deal was,” Jones said. “It was just an unhappy guy rushing through there.”

At least five TSA officers are now being treated for injuries. One was sent to the hospital, and at least four others were taken to an urgent care facility. TSA said in a statement that they will “continue to monitor the safety and health of the TSOs involved in this incident and will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation.”

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