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3 Campus Security Sessions Available at GSX 2019

Here are three of the offerings available at GSX 2019 for campus security professionals.

As the editor for Campus Security & Life Safety, I was excited to learn that GSX 2019 is offering sessions pertaining to campus security.

GSX is a conference that features cyber, operational and physical security professionals from across the private and public sectors, and more.

If you are like me and take a particular interest in campus security, here are three courses being offered:

The Gap Between School Violence and Security Solutions: What's Missing?


With more advanced security technology being used on campuses that should directly correlate to a decrease in mass shootings, bullying and other adversities. However, that is not the case. This session dives into the widening gap between school-based adversity and the solutions being deployed to stop them.

Reducing Risk in K-12 Schools After Hours

Centered around protecting school children once they are dismissed for the day, the course looks at how to create a security plan for after hours. It also explores different scenarios to identify risks, determine mitigation strategies and apply national best practices.

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Program: A Winning Model

Lead by the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, the session focuses on how the free courses the force gave to K-12 schools and universities has helped to keep the campuses safe. Courses that the task has offered range from emergency planning and response to basic and advanced course of behavioral threat assessment.

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