Cognize Situational Awareness Solution Automate Workplace Safety

Cognize, a global health science and technology company that enables institutions and companies to revolutionize their health and safety through artificial intelligence (AI)-based cognitive solutions, has announced the launch of its new People, Health and Safety platform, supporting compliance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 guideline requirements for social distancing, mask screening and body temperature checks. The platform delivers live and predictive situational awareness of individuals and crowds using multi-sensor technology to detect when people are less than six feet apart, congregating in groups, running a fever or not wearing masks.

People, Health and Safety is a highly advanced autonomous solution combining video, thermal, voice and biometric sensors with optimized hardware, software and AI to reduce the frustration and logistical complexity of complying with new public health mandates. Using humanlike thinking and ambient intelligence to know, see, sense and assess more information faster than the human mind ever could, the platform’s cognitive learning engine observes, correlates and presents recommendations for real-time action in a view that captures and presents relevant situations and events—limiting human error and allowing companies to save time and utilize resources more efficiently.

Current concerns such as the heightened staffing requirements to manually take temperatures and police public gatherings; the impact of long lines to get through health screenings; and the personnel requirements to adequately monitor security camera footage are minimized as corporate campuses, large volume chains, universities and entertainment venues also benefit from an extra safety net of protection.

“Right now, companies and institutions are in uncharted waters and are in need of innovative technologies to help them comply with CDC guidelines and ensure the safety of employees and customers,” said Lars Nordenlund, CEO of Cognize. “Today’s organizations want to confidently say they are doing ‘all that they can,’ and we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive solution of its kind to tap into the wonders of cognitive learning to help today’s most forward-thinking organizations orchestrate a safe and seamless return to the new reality.”

While this solution is particularly timely in a pandemic environment, its infrastructure and other available modules – such as its Customer Experience offering and Staff and Workflow Management solutions – are able to predict crowds and rush times, identify patterns, observe assets and monitor massive numbers of people to protect public safety year-round. All Cognize solutions adhere to data privacy regulations, are GDPR compliant and can be customized for specific business and industry needs.

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