Taking a Look at the Future of Security

Taking a Look at the Future of Security

Speculation of future technologies and solutions in the security industry is always a fun thing to do. In fact, in our November/December issue of Security Today, I’ll be featuring some comments from Martin Gren and Fredrik Nilsson of Axis Communications.

For now, I want to share some insight from Steve Jones, CEO of Allied Universal, from a recent ZOOM call. What struck me most; Allied Universal is hiring. This isn’t just a couple bodies here and there but hundreds of people who want to go to work.

In our conversation, Jones talked about convergence, and how for several it has been a topic of conversation within the industry. “We’re now at a tipping point,” Jones said. Chances are that the ongoing pandemic is playing a major role in the perception of the future, and where human guarding is headed.

“We are doing a few things in human guarding that we haven’t done before,” Jones said. “With our guarding services we’re able to manage trends, and we are seeing security at the highest levels. We have been, and we are, training Allied Universal staff to do things in the health safety field, such as a health screening as people walk into a facility.”

Jones also said that customers, current and new, are looking a human guarding in a different kind of light, that being guarding during open and close times. He also said that the ongoing social unrest, storms and fires play a key role in keeping a business and the people who work inside, safe and secure.

“We’ve produced a reference guide for our customers that points out options for safety, the equipment needed and the need to preserve social distancing on site,” Jones said. “We have created a team we call Care Ambassadors that have been trained, and are able to take a person’s temperature, and know what to do if there is an issue.”

Has the human guarding slowed in recent months? No, the abundant hiring says no way. Increases are happening at distribution centers, where, in fact, there has been a noticeable increase. Again, it has become increasingly necessary to protect against possible unruly protests and civil disobedience. Same goes for multi-tenant office structures and healthcare facilities. Jones also said city and state governments are beefing up human guarding.

As workplaces, schools and campuses return to work and education, the need for more guards continues, and that trend will continue well into 2021.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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