Finding Trusted Suppliers and Sourcing Products Efficiently: New Innovations for Security Leaders


Finding Trusted Suppliers and Sourcing Products Efficiently: New Innovations for Security Leaders

Learn how at’s Online Trade Show | Summer – now through June 27

Digital disruption – and opportunity

We’ve seen the rapid expansion of digital technology continue to disrupt every aspect of how businesses operate. From billing and payment systems to information management and storage, to nurturing customer relationships, to interacting and communicating, digital technology is reshaping how business gets done. The pandemic further accelerated the changing security landscape. With a dramatic increase in the percent of people working from home, organizations raced to find solutions to protect company networks being accessed through personal devices and through potentially unsecure Wi-Fi networks, while also keeping physical facilities secure with much reduced security staff. With disrupted supply chains and reduction in in-person business interactions, organizations that needed security products to run their facilities had to turn to digital channels for sourcing and procurement.

In fact, now, 93 percent of all U.S. companies are already doing some portion of their B2B business online.

However, when it comes to digital sourcing, professional buyers acknowledge there are challenges – especially when borders are crossed. Ensuring quality, and giving buyers access to more choices from different suppliers to find products at a price that works for them and their needs, meet their strict requirements, and managing smooth and fast delivery rank among the most important hurdles for buyers.

The dramatic impact of COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated “going digital” as many aspects of the industry have had to make adjustments, essentially overnight, to keep their organizations running and avoid any slowdowns and interruptions.

For example, amid the pandemic, B2B sourcing and selling via an online ecommerce marketplace grew by 14 percentage points -- from 21% to 35% -- between December 2019 and September 2020 (Source: US B2B Small and Medium Business Survey, September 2020).

Businesses have now been exposed to the upsides of embracing ecommerce, and are in search of ways to successfully adopt these new technologies to gain more efficiencies, and achieve new levels of growth. is leading the way
As one of the world’s largest B2B and wholesale online marketplaces, serves millions of business buyers and suppliers of all sizes across more than 200 countries, offering a suite of powerful tools built specifically for B2B trade. Business buyers can discover new products and place orders on the platform fast, securely, and efficiently and sellers can reach a global audience for their products.

With, companies can:

  • Expand their international footprint. The inherently global nature of the supplier base allows buyers to grow their reach digitally without the need to travel. Time zones become unimportant, allowing business discovery and communication 24/7.
  • Optimize shipping efficiencies. Buyers can take advantage of transparent, reliable, and cost-effective logistics services, simplifying the entire process. Intelligent route algorithms and multiple freight forwarders and carriers are available to ensure end-to-end transparency and real-time tracking.
  • Source securely from around the world. supports over ten major global payment methods and 50+ currencies worldwide. To reduce the risk, buyers who purchase on the platform can use the free proprietary order protection escrow service, Trade Assurance. Through Trade Assurance, if anything goes wrong with issues of quality or shipping delays, will assist in reaching a satisfactory outcome, including getting your money back.

To make it even easier, recently introduced an Elite Partner Event that is accessible year-round. This vetted group of global suppliers represents innovative, new technologies and products in a variety of categories to help enhance your competitive edge.

One of these verified partners in the Security and Protection industry is Telepower Communication, (Telpo for short), the world’s leading smart terminal and solution provider. Founded in 1999, Telpo has established locations in Hong Kong, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India, and 28 other international service centers. Their products have served more than 120 countries and provide services to over 5,000 customers.

A critical component of Telpo’s strength as a premiere supplier is their superior research and development capabilities and 22 years of industry experience. With over 200 engineers, more than 300 technology patent, and 400 product certificates under their belt, Telpo can deliver highly customized services to businesses across a wide range of industries from telecommunications, to financial institutions, to internet companies, and global restaurant chains, to name a few.

Learn how at’s Online Trade Show | Summer – now through June 27 

An equally important benefit is Telpo’s ability to quickly respond to changing market dynamics. For example, in the midst of a global health crisis, Telpo developed a series of anti-epidemic solutions certified by their CNAS laboratory including thermometry, health code verification, and digital vaccine passport authentication to help countries around the world improve detection speed and better control the epidemic in their region. Online Trade Show | Summer: Premium suppliers. Efficient sourcing.
Exceptional companies like Telpo are exactly the kind of premium suppliers on that business buyers from around the world seek. While in-person global trade shows are still on hold, has been hosting a series of online trade shows that have resulted in tens of thousands of new connections with suppliers like Telpo.

In fact, right now, is hosting Online Trade Show | Summer from June 14 through June 27. The all-digital experience will feature more than 10,000 premium suppliers across a spectrum of 30+ categories on the website.

“The Summer Online Trade Show is a two-week event on the website, where business buyers and sellers from around the globe can connect and collaborate with premium suppliers online, so that they can source more efficiently, effectively, and with ease, from the safety and convenience of their homes and offices,” said John Caplan, President of North America and Europe,

There are a host of benefits the online trade show experience includes.

  • Premium connections with trusted suppliers. Buyers can easily reach out to selected suppliers with outstanding products and services, from R&D and tailor-made design to customer service and order fulfillment. To help buyers source efficiently and screen for quality, the “Verified” logo will appear alongside manufacturers that have been verified by independent third parties for industry-specific qualifications and services. When searching for product details or through company profiles, buyers can see these suppliers’ strengths like corporate qualification, product qualification, and corporate capabilities.
  • Exclusive VIP Pavilion access*. Where the top one percent of buyers can meet and negotiate directly with managers rated four stars and above from more than 1,000 suppliers.
  • Cutting-edge industry insights. Businesses will be able to hear from leaders like John Caplan, President, North America & Europe, and Flora Yan, Head of Integrated Marketing as well as Dirk Kowslowski, Director of IFA, Kai Hattendorf, CEO of Ufi and learn from successful buyers and sellers on In-depth industrial reports filled with data and trends from will also be available.
  • Pro Buyer Discounts*. Businesses who have upgraded to Pro Buyers on or before June 27 can receive a US $100 coupon to use on

Note: * Available only to qualified Pro Buyers

Learn more
Businesses can learn a whole lot more by visiting the Online Trade Show | Summer, from June 14 through June 27. Premium suppliers and efficient sourcing are just a click away.


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