The 3 M’s of Modernizing Perimeter Security: Remote Maintained Operation, Management, and Monitoring

To the uninitiated, perimeter security solutions may appear to be disconnected devices in a world of evolving technologies. Further, to casual observers or end-users, the automation of a gate appears simple: just open and close it. Savvy facilities managers and security professionals, however, see perimeter security solutions and gates as a key part of the overall security infrastructure and their needs are evolving. New technology in gate operators today provide new pathways for security professionals and facilities managers to not only keep their customers happy and secure, but also save their business money from an operational standpoint.

“How” you ask? By bringing the gate operator online.

By integrating an ethernet connection into the gate operator control boards of today, many elements of basic gate operation and management can be done more efficiently and from a remote or centralized location. One such example is the Nice | HySecurity SmartCNX™, which uses advanced HyNet™ connectivity to give end-users, installers, and service technicians more control and visibility into gate operation and perimeter access than ever before. Connected gate operators present a novel solution to streamline administration of perimeter security access points, specifically by enabling remote access for maintained operation of automated gates, management, and monitoring: three tasks that when performed remotely can deliver a smarter, safer, and more secure experience.

Maintained Operation
Gate operators are purposely built tough and do not typically require a lot of maintenance. However, making this task remote via an integrated ethernet connection reduces the need for costly and time-consuming call backs. To professionals installing and detailing these solutions, a remote connection serves as a bridge to add value to service contracts. With remote capabilities, they are empowered to identify and solve customer issues, often times before customers are even aware they have one. This level of service can help secure additional business and safeguard a dealer or installer’s reputation. Additionally, remote access enables the ability to perform over-the-air software updates to keep operators online and functional with all the latest safety and security features as they become available.

With the gate operator control board online, routine management and setting adjustments can be conducted from afar, mitigating the need to send a service technician to a job site just to access a control board. Settings that affect the operation of the gate, such as operator speed, how the gate handles sensor signals, and the close timer can all be altered in real time. While it is uncommon for gate operators to require frequent management and setting tweaking, that is precisely why remote management is such an asset: a quick setting adjustment can now take a small amount of a security professional or facilities manager’s valuable time and no longer requires a physical trip to the site.

To achieve compliance with industry standards such as UL325, all commercial gate operators must include sensors protecting entrapment zones. This detection can be used to do more than just sense when to stop. Intelligent, connected gate operators can make use of photo eyes and sensors to alert end-users and service technicians of fault conditions, thus enabling remote monitoring.

These real-time alerts can include notifications if a gate becomes disabled by an obstruction, such as a car, object, or person. Loitering or unauthorized entry can also trigger alerts – many of which can be received as either an email or text message and integrated into the greater facility security infrastructure via the SNMP protocol. Automated alerts generated by connected gate operators enable those responsible to keep an eye on the gate without the constant need for on-site supervision. In the case of an obstruction, a suspicious vehicle, or anything in between, the problems can be immediately identified and acted upon.

In conclusion, while gate operators perform a relatively basic task, integrating connected technology makes maintained operation, management, and monitoring even more efficient. Professionals who prioritize such connected solutions will find themselves enjoying a more efficient perimeter security experience that benefits their customers, their facilities, and their business.

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