Splan Announces New Powerful Unified Mobile Credentialing Platform; Unveils Integrations with Top Industry Access Control Systems

Leading California-based security solution provider announces extensive library of integrations that supports multiple mobile credential providers & access control systems

Splan Inc. is announcing a powerful unified mobile credentialing platform that integrates seamlessly to a wide range of access control systems. Splan’s open architecture philosophy provides a seamless connection for customers by automating the check-in process for visitors, employees, and contractors.  Users can pair the simplicity of Splan’s Unified Mobile Credentialing Solution with their current access control and mobile credentialing system, giving customers the power of choice when it comes to access control and protecting their facility while improving digital experience, safety and compliance.

Today’s world requires unified, seamless, and secure integrations that offers the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing environment. Splan has accomplished this by building an open SDK and framework that includes 30+ integrations with market leading solution providers.

“We are excited to announce a myriad of technology integrations that will take mobile credentialing to the next level and look forward to bringing this powerful integration to our customer base,” said Dan Sterry, vice president of business development at Splan.

The Splan mobile credentialing architecture brings an automated system to the door that allows for a touchless check-in experience for visitors, employees, and contractors.

The Splan Mobile Credentialing architecture consists of few easy steps. Upon arrival and after downloading the mobile app, a visitor or staff can check-in using their mobile phone. The Splan solution provisions to the credential server and then connects to the access control system to grant access. With access approval, the mobile credential is downloaded to the user’s mobile phone to gain access through a door or turnstile. Using the mobile phone for access provides a true touchless check-in experience and eliminates the need for proximity badges.

Access control is now hassle free by allowing the use of a mobile phone as a user’s credential. Splan has unleashed a unified mobile credentialing solution into the market that has opened the door to the future of the touchless check-in experience. In addition, employees can use their mobile phones as their authorized and secured credential to get in and out of controlled areas quickly and efficiently, creating a safer environment for all.

Splan has made the commitment to develop powerful integrations with its valued technology partners and has accomplished this by staying true to their company mission. The company has made a strong impact on the security industry in a short amount of time by unleashing a technological advancement into the market that has created a truly automated system.  

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