What to See at GSX 2022

We’re a week away from the beginning of GSX 2022 in Atlanta, Ga., scheduled from Monday, Sept. 12, to Wednesday, Sept. 14. More than 400 exhibitors from all corners of the security industry are coming together to present and share their developments from the past year. If you’re attending the show, you’ll probably want to put in some legwork ahead of time to figure out where to go and what to see. And if you’re not attending, you’re probably still curious about what’s happening and how to make it feel like you’re there.

Here's a handful of speakers and sessions to make time for during your time in Atlanta. Also, be sure to keep an eye on our Live From GSX 2022 page, where we’ll be providing constant updates and live views from the show floor.

General Sessions

This year’s slate of general sessions covers a wide variety of industries to which security is of paramount importance. On Monday, Sept. 12, Coleman Wolf, CPP, Senior Security Consultant and Studio Leader at ESD Global, inc., will give a presentation titled “Medical Device Hacking is More Insidious Than You Think.” Giving examples like hacking into a pacemaker to generate a lethal shock or taking control of a “knife-wielding surgical robot,” he’ll discuss the cybersecurity risks inherent to the developing technologies of the healthcare industry. He’ll delve into the “motive, opportunity, and means behind medical device hacking and the cybersecurity of health care facility networks,” as well as deconstruct real-life medical devices to understand the technology behind them and how they can be corrupted.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the presentation Mass Casualty Awareness and Preparedness—Active Assailant Response Planning” will explore the growing trend of workplace violence. Speakers Dale Buckner, CEO and President at Global Guardian; Dennis O’Toole, Former Anne Arundel SWAT Lieutenant and Federal Law Enforcement Tactics Instructor at NA; and Greg McAleer, Senior Vice President of Business Operations & Risk Management at Global Guardian, will help attendees develop skills and training methods to prepare employees to respond to active assailants in the workplace. Attendees will learn the importance of preparation through tabletop exercises and emergency drills, how to develop an emergency response plan, how to identify red flags and assess online threats, and the proper way to document threats via email or tip lines to ensure law enforcement has the information they need to deal with the threat in earnest.

Finally, on Wednesday, Sept. 14, “Georgia Tech Building Construction Experience with Digital Twin Applications for Security” will give attendees a better understanding of how 3D renderings of facilities (digital twins) can provide insights into a building’s security design and operations. Speakers Javier Irizarry, Professor of Building Construction at Georgia Institute of Technology; Kelly Watt, CEO at Visual Plan; and Mark Schreiber, CPP, Principal Consultant at Safeguards Consulting, Inc., will use the case study of the Georgia Tech Masters in Building Construction and Facility Management Program’s research and insight into the creation and application of digital twins. Attendees will learn how this digital transformation can affect a building’s design, construction and operations; as well as how digital twins can be used for analysis and communications and require multidisciplinary involvement and stakeholder feedback to deliver the best possible outcome.


The above are just three of more than 200 sessions going on at GSX 2022, and there’s still plenty of time to figure out how to best prioritize your time at the show. Remember to follow our Live From GSX 2022 page, as well as CampusSecur and SecurToday on Twitter, for live updates, videos and more from the show floor. And most importantly, if you’re flying in late Sunday night, be sure to get to the airport in plenty of time—you wouldn’t want to miss that midnight plane to Georgia!

About the Author

Matt Jones is senior editor of Spaces4Learning and Campus Security and Life Safety. He can be reached at MJones@1105media.com

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