Security Today New Product of the Year Awards: Complete List of Entries

The Security Today New Product of the Year program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security technology and solutions manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security. Here are all of the entries for the 14th annual New Product of the Year awards. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated!

  • Accedian, Network Security, Skylight Interceptor
  • Adams Rite | ASSA ABLOY, Access Control Devices/Peripherals - Wireless, Adams Rite DL100 Wireless Deadlatch
  • Altronix, Power Supply Technologies, Trove Max – Maximum Density Access System
  • Antaira Technologies, Video Surveillance Hardware & Accessories, INJ-C201G-bt-H-100-24-T
  • AtlasIED, Audio, IP-APX PoE+ Indoor/Outdoor IP Horn
  • Axis Communications, Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies, Signed Video
  • Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Video Surveillance Cameras - HD, FLEXIDOME 8000i - X series cameras
  • Cloudastructure, Inc., Artificial Intelligence, Remote Guarding Platform
  • Cloudastructure, Inc., Internet of Things, GearBox
  • Cloudastructure, Inc., Monitoring Solutions, Remote Guarding Platform
  • Codelocks, Locks/Safes/Hardware, KL 1000 G3 NetCode
  • Cornerstone Billing Solutions, Mobile Apps, Cornerstone Mobile Connect
  • CyberLock, Inc., Access Control Devices/Peripherals, Flex II FlashReader Keypad
  • CyberLock, Inc., Access Control Devices/Peripherals, ValidiKey Ring
  • CyberLock, Inc., Access Control Software/Controllers, CyberAudit-Web 9.5
  • CyberLock, Inc., Entry Security Systems, Flex II FlashReader Keypad
  • D-Fend Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones), EnforceAir Software Update
  • Darktrace, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions, Darktrace PREVENT
  • Data Theorem, Cyber Defense Solutions, Data Theorem Supply Chain Secure
  • Eagle Eye Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Eagle Eye Smart Video Search
  • Essence Group, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions, MyShield
  • Fortanix, Cloud Solutions and Services, Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS
  • Gallagher, Access Control Software/Controllers, Gallagher Command Centre Controller Upgrade tool
  • Genetec, Access Control Software/Controllers, Cloud Link Roadrunner
  • Genetec, Automatic License Plate Recognition, AutoVu Cloudrunner
  • Hanwha Techwin America, Video Surveillance Cameras - AI, Hanwha Techwin PNM-C12083RVD Dual Channel Multi-Directional Camera
  • HID Global, Mobile Apps, Employee badge in Apple Wallet by HID Global
  • High Wire Networks, Cybersecurity as a Service, Overwatch Vulnerability Management
  • i-PRO Americas Inc, Cameras - Multi-sensor Megapixel, i-PRO S-Series Multi-sensor AI cameras
  • i-PRO Americas Inc, Cameras - PTZ, i-PRO S-Series PTZ AI cameras
  • i-PRO Americas Inc, Video Surveillance Cameras - AI, i-PRO mini AI Camera
  • ICTS Europe, Software/IT Solutions, Viridian
  • iluminar Inc., Emergency Communication Systems, SoundSecure/iluminar/AtlasIED
  • IPTECHVIEW, Cloud Solutions and Services, IPTECHVIEW
  • IPVideo Corporation, Emergency Communication Systems, HALO 3C
  • IPVideo Corporation, Intelligent Edge Devices, HALO 3C
  • IPVideo Corporation, Internet of Things, HALO 3C
  • IPVideo Corporation, Sensors and Detectors, HALO 3C
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc., Video Management Systems, Konica Minolta’s FORXAI Video Security Solution
  • Milestone Systems, Video Analytics, XProtect Rapid REVIEW
  • Ontic, Security and Risk Intelligence, Ontic Real-Time Threat Detection
  • Patriot One Technologies, Pedestrian Security Entrances, Patriot One's SmartGateway
  • Perle Systems, Intelligent Edge Devices, Perle IOLAN SCG Secure Console Server
  • Perle Systems, Network Support Solutions, Perle IRG7440 5G Router
  • Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Internet of Things, Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform with expanded smart camera solutions
  • Quantum Corporation, Video Surveillance Data Storage, Quantum Smart NVR VS-NVR Series
  • Quantum Corporation, Video Surveillance Data Storage, Unified Surveillance Platform
  • QuSecure, Quantum Cybersecurity, QuProtect
  • Rajant Corporation, Intelligent Communications, Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb
  • Rave Mobile Safety, Emergency Communication Systems, Rave Aware
  • RealNetworks - SAFR, Access Control - Biometrics, SAFR SCAN
  • Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), Autonomous Response Surveillance, ROSA 3.0
  • Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), Weapons Detection, ROSA with Firearm Detection
  • Salient Systems, Video Management Systems, CompleteView 7.0
  • SCYTHE, Security and Risk Intelligence, SCYTHE
  • Securitas Electronic Security, Inc., Cloud Solutions and Services, SecureStat 360
  • Seneca, Convergence and Integrated Software and Solutions, xCompress - video stream optimizer
  • Shooter Detection Systems, Weapons Detection, Guardian Wireless Indoor Active Shooter Detection System
  • Singlewire Software, Mass Notification, InformaCast Personal Duress Package
  • Sontiq, A TransUnion Company, Cybersecurity as a Service, BreachIQ
  • StrikeReady, Artificial Intelligence, StrikeReady CARA
  • StrikeReady, Cyber Defense Solutions, StrikeReady CARA
  • StrikeReady, Risk Management Software, StrikeReady CARA
  • StrikeReady, Security and Risk Intelligence, StrikeReady CARA
  • Teledyne FLIR, Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies, FLIR FH-Series ID Multispectral Fixed Camera
  • Theia Technologies, Video Surveillance Hardware & Accessories, MY23F / SY23F
  • Token, Access Control - Biometrics, Token Ring Wearable Biometric Authentication
  • Token, User Authentication/Identification/Credentialing and Management, Token Ring Wearable Biometric Authentication
  • Vector Flow, Threat Intelligence, Physical Security Threat Intelligence Solution
  • Verkada, Access Control Devices/Peripherals - Wireless, Access Control Reader Refresh
  • Verkada, Access Control Software/Controllers, AX11 Access Control Controller
  • Verkada, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions, Verkada Alarms
  • Verkada, Video Analytics, Occupancy Trends - Video Analytics
  • Verkada, Video Surveillance Cameras - AI, Verkada Dome Camera(s)
  • Verkada, Video Surveillance Cameras - AI, Verkada CM41-S Split Mini Dome
  • Verkada, Visitor Management, Verkada Guest
  • Vicon, Cameras - Multi-sensor Megapixel, Roughneck Pro 32MP Multi-Sensor
  • Vistacom Control Room Solutions, DIY Security, Vistacom SecureView


  • Progressing in Capabilities

    Progressing in Capabilities

    Hazardous areas within industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture and the like, have long-sought reliable video surveillance cameras and equipment that can operate safely in these harsh and unpredictable environments. Read Now

  • A Comprehensive Nationwide Solution

    A Comprehensive Nationwide Solution

    Across the United States, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, truck yards, parking lots and car dealerships all have a common concern. They are targets for catalytic converters. In nearly every region, cases of catalytic converter thefts have skyrocketed. Read Now

  • Planning for Your Perimeter

    Planning for Your Perimeter

    The perimeter is an organization’s first line of defense and a critical element of any security and surveillance program. Even if a building’s interior or exterior security is strong, without a solid perimeter surveillance approach any company or business is vulnerable. Read Now

  • The Key Issue

    The Key Issue

    It is February 2014. A woman is getting ready in her room on a cruise ship when she hears a knock on the door; it is a crewmember delivering breakfast. She is not presentable so she tells him to leave it by the door. Read Now

Featured Cybersecurity

New Products

  • Pivot3 Surety

    Pivot3 Surety

    Pivot3 has announced Surety, a new intelligent software framework to simplify the management and monitoring of physical security environments. 3

  • SAFR® from RealNetworks

    SAFR® from RealNetworks

    A unique feature in SAFR version 3.4 is its ability to automate alerts to security personnel when a spoofing attempt or a fraudulent attempt to gain access is detected. 3

  • Dahua 2-Wire IP Video Intercom System

    Dahua 2-Wire IP Video Intercom System

    Dahua Technology is introducing a new line of expandable 2-wire IP video intercom solutions for the North America market. The New 2-wire IP video intercom is more advanced, cost effective, and designed to help businesses increase their security. 3