Any questions about tradeshows? GSX is back. Some people I talked with said maybe 70 percent. I think that is way too low.

Back in the Saddle

Any questions about tradeshows? GSX is back. Some people I talked with said maybe 70 percent. I think that is way too low.

The aisles were crowded and people were busy. Of course some booths more than others; that’s the way it happens.

Impressions of GSX were that security products are growing in other verticals. Security isn’t just for security services any more.

I was part of many conversations dealing with Campus Security. There seems to be an enhanced urgency to resolve campus protection starting at the perimeter.

My staff and I are hosting a November virtual Campus Security Summit. Check our website for the date and times. Send me an email and I’m happy to chat about this.

Here are some crazy observations from the show floor. As opposed to an earlier tradeshow, this one had carpet on the floors. Thank you GSX! My feet appreciate this.

Am I the only person that didn’t get a badge holder? I had to find a new place to safe keep my business cards. Yes, printed business cards are still a thing.

Tradeshow food is not good food. I found some empanadas on Monday, and my good friend Tony Byerly (Securitas) set me up with an amazing lunch in the “sky room” on Tuesday. Ok, I could cut back on the calorie intake … I’ll start tomorrow.

One question: how many bald men attend tradeshows? More than I could count?

I tip my cap to the many manufacturers showing solutions this week. The world needs up to date, and more security.

The tradeshow business is back in full swing. Get on board. This will continue to be a wild ride.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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