Live From GSX: Day 3

The second day of GSX in Atlanta, Ga., continued strong, with representatives from all corners of the security industry gathering to show off this past year’s work. Our Live From GSX partners—AlertEnterprise (Booth 2625), Axis Communications (Booth 3343) and Vistacom Control Room Solutions (Booth 1508)—were no exception, demonstrating their newest solutions to booth visitors and the Internet at large via social media. You can still keep track of the latest developments via our GSX Live 2022 page, as well as the Security Today and Campus Security & Life Safety Twitter feeds.


AlertEnterprise highlighted its Guardian Physical Identity and Access Management solution, visitor identity management solutions, and identity and workplace intelligence solutions, as well as its new launch—policy-based access. The Guardian product ties ID security to physical security. It interacts with HR systems, contractor management systems, vendor management systems, and makes sure that all policies, workflow approvals and prerequisites are taken care of before granting building access. It offers out-of-the-box integration with all major access control system providers, support for different types of credentials (plastic badges, biometrics, mobile phones and more). It also provides offerings to temporary workers and contractor management, allowing central management and ensuring that they have access to necessary work sites with all required governance and compliance policies. Demonstrations are available at the booth!

Axis Communications

Robert Brown, a solutions engineer with Axis, also took the time to discuss the latest edge-based analytics solutions. Its newer cameras contain more advanced chips that allow for edge-based analytics to do real-time classifications of people, vehicles, vehicle sub-classes and even time-in-area. This last category generates alerts not just when it detects a classified person, but when that person has been in the area for a specified amount of time. Also, the network strobe siren allows the network analytics to classify an event in real time and lights up a strobe or plays sounds as necessary, made possible by full system integration.

Vistacom Control Room Solutions

Finally, Angela Nolan from Vistacom Control Room Solutions offered a walkthrough of the Vistacom Guardian SecureView, which recently won a New Product of the Year Award from Security Today. Vistacom has been designing and integrating security control room solutions for 25 years, from large-overview video display walls to technology furniture to windowing and video processing of all video images that come into the control room environment. It offers solutions to large control rooms as well as small, one-or-two-user control room centers. Its smaller, custom-developed solution, Vistacom SecureView, serves small and medium-sized security operation centers, pre-configured and pre-engineered to that size of environment. It offers pre-established display options; a special custom processor; a small, form-factor console; and a custom control interface with pre-determined layouts and drag-and-drop source selection. Operators can easily switch between sources and get their desired information from a single screen.

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