i-PRO Rolls Out New EZ-2 Partner Portal

Featuring real-time access to inventory levels, 24/7 quick quote creation, and a centralized repository for all information

i-PRO Americas Inc., has announced the release of the new i-PRO EZ-2 Partner Portal. Built to enhance and simplify the way integrators, resellers and distribution partners conduct business with i-PRO, the EZ-2 Partner portal features instant access to i-PRO inventory levels and enables users to create quick quotes 24/7. The EZ-2 Partner Portal represents the latest innovation from i-PRO to make researching, ordering, deal registration and accessing training and support materials as transparent and efficient as possible.

“Our channel partners are the most important element of our go-to-market strategy,” said Bill Brennan, president at i-PRO Americas Inc. “We are connecting our systems and consolidating relevant product data and resources so our partners can have real time easy access to all the information they need to optimize the way they work with us digitally.

“The EZ-2 Partner Portal allows our customers to do business with us in the most modern and efficient way possibly by creating a centralized repository for all information.”

The new digital process significantly improves turnaround times and minimizes points of failure. In the past, inventory checks and the creation of quick quotes required manual steps and human intervention. The EZ-2 Portal gives resellers and partners instant access to information as well as the ability to register a deal for protection all online with no delays.

“We aim to have the best portal in the industry and have gone through rigorous testing and feedback groups to ensure we build the right solutions with our customers’ voice in mind,” Brennan said. “The EZ-2 Portal will be an ongoing initiative for i-PRO with continued innovation over time. The first phase is being released with core tools and features needed to accelerate all aspects of communication. Our future roadmap is rich with competitive tools to help our resellers and distributors further position and promote i-PRO as their valued partner.”

i-PRO invites all current and interested partners to visit the new site, enroll, and take advantage of the resources and support available. Salespeople, service techs, and business owners are encouraged to have accounts created. Accounts are part of the parent organization’s account, so there are no duplicates, allowing users to access relevant information for their company.

“We exist because of our partners and end users. We are 100% committed to the channel and we drive business from the end user back to i-PRO dealers. My vision is to create a special community of partners that share ideas and a vision to keep communities safer every day,” says Brennan.

The EZ-2 Partner Portal will be an extension off the current Americas website, and will eventually extend off of the new Global site, slated to launch later this Fiscal Year. To access the new EZ-2 Partner Portal click: https://ez-2.i-pro.com/

This article originally appeared in the September / October 2022 issue of Security Today.

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