7 Ways to Get More ROI Out of Video Surveillance

By Timothy Ware

Many businesses have security cameras in place. However, they are often underutilized because it isn’t always easy to find necessary footage, or the operational cost of collecting evidence is too high to justify its use. Solink can help you get more ROI out of your video surveillance system.

Here are the seven ways you can get more ROI out of your video surveillance system with Solink:

1. Better security for your people and places
2. Better loss prevention
3. Prevent potential liabilities before they occur
4. Improved loss prevention training
5. Better scheduling and real-time labor optimization
6. Use modern technology to reduce staff overhead
7. Minimize or eliminate false alarms fines with Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service

1. Better security for your people and places

First and foremost, Solink keeps people and property safe. By helping security professionals find video evidence quickly to close cases, Solink enhances the security of your business. Solink unlocks the power of your security cameras by removing the tedious need to scan through hours of video footage.

“The true value of Solink for us has little to do with economics. It’s protecting our staff and protecting our clients—and that’s priceless. You can’t put a number on that.”

~Julie Faulkner, St. Michael’s Mission

2. Better loss prevention

Businesses are evolving their loss prevention systems in light of new security risks. One Jack in the Box operator has seen their voids decrease by 80% to 85% since installing Solink. These high-risk transactions are often a telltale sign of internal theft.

“We weren’t tracking employee meals properly. We weren’t ringing up a lot of what we were supposed to be ringing up in the POS. In some cases, we had voids or significant refunds we couldn’t track down. Solink really helped us get our arms around it quickly.”

~ Paul Urbina, a Jack in the Box operator for PARS group and Northwest Foods

3. Prevent potential liabilities before they occur

Solink can help you audit hundreds or even thousands of locations from head office. This can enable you to minimize liability by maximizing visibility across all of your locations. For example, if you see a large storm rolling through the northeast, click through the front entrance area cameras at all of your locations to make sure staff have placed wet floor signs warning patrons.

“For the return on investment, Solink is great. We had a lot of rain coming through and we noticed that none of our stores were using the wet floor signs, and nobody had a fan out front to dry the floors. The way we can now use our camera system for preventative measures, it is easy to find incidents or prevent them.”

~ Brandy Sturgeon, Veterans of America-Michigan

4. Improved loss prevention training

Once you’ve found evidence of internal theft, Solink allows you to save the video footage to the cloud indefinitely. The value of these clips go beyond just case management.

Some Solink customers even use these clips as part of their loss prevention onboarding. Getting new hires trained and working quickly is more important than ever during the labor shortage.

“During onboarding, I'll show off the Solink platform. New employees find it really cool, but it also helps create the impression that we are in control. It shows new employees that we are watching, and that we have the ability to find anything.”

~Ryan Dzwigalski, the Director of Loss Prevention, Cookies Retail

5. Better scheduling and real-time labor optimization

Another way to cut down on labor costs is through better scheduling and real-time labor optimization. Solink connects your security cameras to other data sources, including the POS. You can use this multi-stream information to track the sales in your business.

When you are facing an unexpectedly busy day, it’s possible to call in new workers. Conversely, if your sales volume is down, then you can adjust the employee count accordingly.

“Keeping labor costs in line is crucial. With Solink, I can easily monitor the lobby to tell if it’s going to be a slow day and staff should go home early. This has saved three to four percent a month in labor costs to date, or about $1,500 to $1,600 a month.”

~Brandi Peter, Inta Juice Franchise Operator

6. Use modern technology to reduce staff overhead

Monitoring security footage used to be a full-time job. However, the advanced data analytics provided by the Solink platform can do a lot of that work for you. Some companies have seen large net savings from reduced payroll.

“From a staffing perspective, Solink is saving us at least $150k per year because you’d traditionally need to have one person managing the case management, and another managing the audit and exception-based reporting.”

~Ian Dill, VP of AP at Centric Brands

7. Minimize or eliminate false alarms fines with Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service

Eye on your Brands recently ran a comparison of Solink Video Alarms vs. standard panel alarms monitoring at a large national restaurant chain. Video verification of alarm events led to all false alarms being dismissed by Solink Video Alarms. The standard panel alarms monitoring service experience multiple false alarms per location, with a cost of $75 to $325 per false alarm.

Overall, Solink Video Alarms reduced their false alarm fines by $125 to $600 per location per month.

Unlock the ROI of You Security System with Solink

Solink can help the security, loss prevention, and operations at your business. That’s a lot of ROI out of your security system. 

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