How to Build an Effective Security Guard Strategy on a Budget

How to Build an Effective Security Guard Strategy on a Budget

Building an effective security service strategy is challenging. Every business has unique challenges are addressed to keep everyone safe. Sometimes, it requires matching the budget dollars to an effective solution. Everything has gotten more expensive, and the broader economy is slowing, meaning many businesses need help.

Now more than ever, ensuring every dollar spent on improving your business has the most significant possible impact is essential.

There is always a way to match your security needs with your available budget.

Know What Your Essentials Are
Every business has different security items that are necessary, while others are simply nice to have. For example, if you run a parking business, you will need a way to monitor who is overstaying their allotted parking time. You also need a way to deter or catch criminals who may vandalize or rob parked cars. It is also nice to have a parking attendant who can assist customers with ticketing problems or other questions. This is not an essential part of your business.

It is vital to be specific about your goals. The more specific, the better. Do you need someone out front at the entrance? Do you need to prevent people who have not paid the entry fee?

Knowing exactly what you need and how it will benefit your broader business is the first key to a successful security business.

Know How To Save
Once you have identified your core security needs, it is time to get creative. For example, can you manage parking validation with an electronic system using cameras? Would it be cheaper than hiring onsite guards?

The answer to these questions can vary significantly depending on your area. Wages, installation costs, and equipment reflect different pricing around the country. It is up to you as the business owner to find out where the deals are in your district.

This is why being specific about your needs is so important. The more you can dial in on exactly what problem you are trying to solve, the more options will open up as possible solutions. Will a patrol service accomplish your goals, or do you need someone there all the time? Only by knowing exactly what your goals are can you answer this question. If you strictly need deterrence, patrols are the most cost-effective solution. If you expect high traffic volume and want onsite guards to handle potential issues that may arise, you will need someone there all the time.

Shop Around
You need to know the range of security services available in your area and their differences. Some security firms specialize in niche areas, while others offer a broad range of services. Working with the right security company can make all the difference.

My security firm offers a broad range of security services to meet any situation. Our training and hiring program focuses on taking experienced law enforcement and military veterans and putting their security skills to use back on the streets. More importantly, from a budget point of view, we start every security relationship with a free consultation to learn about your specific security situation, and how we may be able to help.

Talk to several security firms and get quotes from all of them. The better agencies will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of their services and what they feel a good security plan for you would look like. At Ranger Guard, we build a personalized security plan for each client. This is because when it comes to safety, there is no one size fits all off the peg solution that will work whatever the situation. Pricing will depend on the exact combination of services used. Ranger Guard works with all budgets, and we are highly experienced in private security. We know where we can make substitutions to save on cost without significant impact your core security.

Of course, the better you know exactly what security issues you need to solve, the better chance you will get a reasonable cost and services estimate from private security firms.

About the Author

Jonah Nathan is the Vice President of Ranger Guard


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