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The Metron SE from eTelemetry documents productivity loss by providing advanced bandwidth- and network activity-monitoring capabilities. The network appliance monitors bandwidth usage and time spent surfing or chatting by person and is specially designed for businesses with up to 250 employees. The product is built on the people-to-IP technology found in eTelemetry’s Locate device that passively identifies the person by linking them in real time to an IP address, Mac address and switch port within a network.

    • The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market The Z-Wave Alliance Focuses on the Residential Market

      Mitchell Klein serves as the executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance, an industry organization that drives numerous initiatives to expand and accelerate the global adoption of smart home and smart cities applications. In this Podcast, we talk about the 2022 State of the Ecosystem, and the fact that technology has brought about almost unimaginable residential security resources. The Alliance also provides education resources as well as looking at expanding technology.

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    • Security Today Magazine - May June 2022

      May / June 2022


      • The Ying and Yang of Security
      • Installing Smart Systems
      • Leveraging Surveillance
      • Using Mobile Data
      • RIP Covid-19

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