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MXI Stealth ZONE

The MXI Stealth ZONE client device is a self-contained,portable USB drive that is FIPS-, HIPPA- andSarbanes Oxley-compliant. With the device, userscan securely boot a Windows 7 environment withoutusing a virtualization layer or network connection.This innovative, easy-to-deploy product providesusers with secure access to data, systemsand applications at any time and from anywhere.



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    • ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

      ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

      Built to withstand all access control needs, the tough new SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock takes security beyond your expectations. 3

    • HID Signo Readers

      HID Signo Readers

      HID Global has announced its HID® Signo™ Biometric Reader 25B that is designed to capture and read fingerprints in real-world applications and conditions. 3

    • VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder

      VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder

      Johnson Controls announces a powerful recording solution to meet demanding requirements with its VideoEdge 2U High Capacity Network Video Recorder. This solution combines the powerful capabilities of victor with the intelligence of VideoEdge NVRs, fueled by Tyco Artificial Intelligence, for video management that provides actionable insights to save time, money and lives. 3