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SAFE Software

SAFE Software

Quantum Secure’s SAFE for CIV closes the physical identity management gap between PIV and non-PIV badge holders for government agencies, creating one centralized system to manage all identities and provide significant cost savings, while maintaining the high security standards of PIV cards. Quantum Secure’s SAFE for CIV software solution enables users to manage the entire lifecycle of CIV cards, cardholders and associated PKI certificates with detailed audit and reporting. The software includes the following features: centralized on-boarding/off-boarding for all temporary personnel that need physical and/or logical access using standardized credentials such as CIV cards, automatic identity vetting for all personnel on-boarded for CIV cards, generation of user credential certificates through an integrated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and its underlying Certificate Authority (CA) and creation and issuance of CIV smart cards by programming digital identities and one or more PKI certificates onto cards.


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