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Solar Powered SLEDB 5 M LED Beacon

Solar Powered SLEDB 5 M LED Beacon

Larson Electronics’ new solar powered SLEDB-5-M LED beacon incorporates a small solar panel, rechargeable batteries and a choice of permanent and magnetic mounts, into a compact beacon that is ideal as a warning light or barricade light. With minimal sunlight, operators can expect 24/7 performance from this four-inch tall beacon. This LED strobe light can be mounted permanently or magnetically, and both options are built into the light.  In the event that there is no sunlight for several days, operators can charge the beacon with the included 12 volt vehicle charger. The SLEDB-5-M solar-powered, battery-operated beacon lists for under $70 and is ideal for off-grid applications including traffic barricades, marine applications and oilfield markers.

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