Hardened Video Encoder Decoder

Hardened Video Encoder Decoder

• Communication Networks’ video encoder/decoder is designed for those applications with temperature extremes, vibration, shock, voltage transients and humidity with condensation present.
• The all-new CNVETX1 video encoder/decoder is industrially-hardened for use in the most extreme operating environments.
• The device is a single channel video encoder or decoder.
• It accepts an incoming baseband video signal, with duplex audio, and serial data for camera PTZ control; encodes it to H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, or MJPEG video compression standards; and inserts it onto an Ethernet network.
• It is user-configurable as an encoder or decoder, or the decoding may be accomplished with the decoding software supplied.
• It is operable as a PoE (IEEE 802.3aF) powered device or from any source of +12 VDC, and also contains ComNet IVS software for simultaneous video streaming and onboard content management.

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