AtHoc Notifier Mobile Application

AtHoc Notifier Mobile Application

The AtHoc Notifier mobile application provides a critical foundation of the AtHoc IWS Solution Suite and its applications, harnessing mobile technology for rapid mass interaction, duress reports, field reporting capabilities and two-way communication via smartphones and tablets. AtHoc Mobile allows for the freedom of mobility for all personnel to report geo-tagged emergencies, and share and receive rich, data event details (photos, videos, maps, audio and text) from any location. Emergency Managers can activate emergency alerts and share actionable information with multiple teams for a coordinated response and timely crisis control and resolution. The system provides substantial advantages to mobile operators, security personnel, first responders and alert recipients. A Common Operating Picture (COP) allows for one-click emergency alerts, personnel tracking, situational awareness and cooperation with critical emergency personnel that extends the reach and quality of information during an emergency.

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