SDi’s Cyclone is a revolutionary way of cleaning detectors, fire and security video system components. The Cyclone is powerful, handheld, lightweight, portable and is rechargeable. A single charge for the product is equal to 24 can of air. The Cyclone can be turned sideways, upside down, or any angle that is needed to power clean hard to reach crevices. And since no chemicals are used, there is no chance of frostbite. The Cyclone is more powerful and better able to reach hard clean areas than traditional air dusters, computer cleaners and can air solutions.

    • Fresh Security Perspective from AMAG’s New Sales Director A Fresh Perspective on Security

      Fred Nelson may be new to the security industry but his sales and leadership methods are time tested, and true. Fred joined AMAG only a few months ago, but brings with him a wealth of experience in sales and life balance solutions. This year is off to a good start for AMAG with new solutions on the horizon.

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      April 2022


      • Similarities at Data Centers and Airports
      • Transitioning to the Cloud
      • Going High Tech
      • The Benefits of On-site Security
      • Optimizing Store Layouts

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