Cogito Management Platform

Cogito Management Platform

Averics Systems Inc. has released the latest version of Cogito™, its powerful web-based integrated management platform for access control, video surveillance, alarm monitoring and more.

The latest release, Version 2.6, Release 3 includes more new features and functionality as well as faster improved performance and better execution of certain tasks.

The new streamlined dashboard now highlights the most important information at all times and also includes a pie chart that allows users to easily monitor the status of controllers, access points, credential events, and credential usage data. In Version 2.6, Release 3, visitor credentials are now easily managed separately from the user credentials with a Users & Credentials menu and a distinct Visitor Credentials menu.

The Visit Reasons feature allows users to configure detailed information for visits by visitors and permits users to add and edit reasons. By default, Meeting and Others reason types are included in the system and new reason types can be created as required. Visit Types allows users to configure, add and edit visitors by specific category. By default, Visitors and Contractors types are included in the system and new visit types can be created as needed.

Smart client desktop icon allows alternative interface for browser types which are not supported by Cogito, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After the smart client is installed, a desktop icon is created which allows access to Cogito outside of the browser. In the new version, users and credentials can be added at the same time within the same wizard. In the previous version they needed to be entered separately by creating the user first and then selecting the user to add cards.

In addition, Version 2.6, Release3 offers Axis A1001 and Axis A8004-VE support.

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