Digital Watchdog

VMAX A1 all-in-one HD DVRs

VMAX A1 all-in-one HD DVR

Digital Watchdog  VMAX A1 all-in-one HD DVRs support all HD-Analog, HD-TVI and HD-CVI signals with all legacy analog standards. Choose from 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-channel models. Realize new ROI from existing coaxial infrastructure. They are the perfect partner for Digital Watchdog STAR-LIGHT HD over Coax cameras, including the world’s only multi-sensor HD-Analog cameras. The VMAX A1 is the most simple way to upgrade an existing analog solution. With support for all 960H and below resolution Analog Cameras, AHD and TVI HD Formats (1080p via Coax) Resolutions, the DVR can be integrated into an existing application without the need to update the cameras at the same time. This allows for optimal financial flexibility and ROI, with individual components of an entire solutions updated separately. UTC (Up The Coax) allows a user to access the camera's OSD (On Screen Display) through a coaxial connection, eliminating the need for an additional RS485 cable to reach the menu.

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