Security Products Magazine December 2011

December 2011


Securitys Range and Capabilities

Security's Range and Capabilities

There are apps for that

By Brandon Arcment

The mobility and convenience offered by handheld devices has caught the attention of manufacturers and integrators, who are now marketing numerous security solutions.

World Class Security

World Class Security

Museum upgrades system to protect rare, valuable art

By Mary Wilbur

Dallas, Texas, considers itself a world-class city. Whatever the qualifications, the arts district in the city is certainly world class, and, therefore, the security must also meet high-caliber specifications.

The Logistics of Security

The Logistics of Security

Company seeks means to take advantage of IP-based system

By Peter Jankowski

Navarre Corp., a distribution and retail support operation in Minneapolis, previously relied on an analog-based surveillance system as a way to increase security and aid in investigations, but the company found the system unreliable for capturing high-quality video when incidents occurred.

Protecting Naval Ordnance

Protecting Naval Ordnance

Video surveillance gets an upgrade

By Del V. Salvi

The Naval Ordnance Test Unit (NOTU) at the Cape Canaveral, Fla., Air Force Station supports and tests sea-based weapons in a safe environment.

Aviation Soars with Security

Aviation Soars With Security

Automated perimeter detection system

By Rolland Trayte

This year’s EAA AirVenture 2011 in July drew close to 550,000 visitors during the seven-day event—members, fans and spectators who came to see daily aviation shows, aerobatics and pyrotechnics, as well as the opening day Fly-In Theater.

Trends in Video Surveillance

Trends in Video Surveillance

Two senior analysts from IMS Research’s Video Surveillance and Security Services group share their thoughts on trends impacting the video surveillance industry

By Gary Wong, Jon Cropley

The transition from analog CCTV equipment to network video surveillance equipment continues to be the major overarching trend within the video surveillance industry.


There Are Heroes Among Us

By Ralph C. Jensen

Clark Kent was mildmannered and unassuming, yet, when needed, he became a hero, saving those at risk, the poor and downtrodden. Better known as Superman, he was, at least in the comic books, one person among us who simply did his job, often without fanfare or glamour.

Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality

Multiple-offender crimes are less flashy than felonious

By Ronnie Rittenberry

’Tis the season to be jolly, especially if you’re a retailer. For most stores, the cash registers are ca-chinging more this month than they have all year.

Iconic Shanghai

Iconic Shanghai

Video system watches over WorldExpo Culture Center

By Mark S. Wilson

Shanghai WorldExpo Culture Center, shaped like a flying saucer—and often referred to as the “Spaceship”—is one of Shanghai’s iconic buildings.


Real World Opportunities

Real World Opportunities

Historically, there were two things you could do with surveillance video—watch it or record it to watch later. Video analytics changed all that. Video content can now be analyzed using various computer algorithms to identify specific user-defined content and to trigger an alarm or response automatically. The range of video analytics functionality can include identification, behavioral analysis and situational awareness.

By Bill Taylor

With smart functions incorporated into today’s network video cameras, images can be analyzed before they leave the camera, which can then trigger an alarm or relay other data to enable a system-wide response.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Surveillance Style

A look at the top IP surveillance features to use during the holiday shopping season

By Hedgie Bartol

From Black Friday all the way through the returns season, the sheer uptick in shoppers during the holiday season is daunting for retailers of any size.

The Complexity of Mass Notification

The Complexity of Mass Notification

When there is a crisis on campus, no matter where the student is at that time, it is imperative that he or she be notified of impending danger. Without a well-planned mass notification system, coupled with proper procedures, the campus opens itself up to legal liability and financial exposure as well as potentially bad PR.

By Ralph C. Jensen

To better understand what is needed and the current state of mass notifications, Siemens undertook a detailed analysis of U.S. colleges and universities, taking a hard look at information provided to the government as part of the Clery Act. The company released the results in October in a white paper.

Aggressively Priced Clouds

Aggressively Priced Clouds

One of the key reasons for moving to a cloud-based infrastructure is to lower overall infrastructure costs. This is true whether you are building an in-house—private—cloud or are a public cloud provider looking to price your offerings competitively. Because storage comprises such a large part of the outlay of any cloud-based infrastructure, it is an obvious place to look for optimizations that can lower overall costs.

By Eric Burgener

A lower-cost virtual infrastructure gives cloud providers pricing leeway that can be used either to beat a competitor’s price or to increase margins.


New Products

  • Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden Door Controls is pleased to announce that, in response to soaring customer demand, it has expanded its range of ValueWave™ no-touch switches to include a narrow (slimline) version with manual override. This override button is designed to provide additional assurance that the request to exit switch will open a door, even if the no-touch sensor fails to operate. This new slimline switch also features a heavy gauge stainless steel faceplate, a red/green illuminated light ring, and is IP65 rated, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use as part of an automatic door or access control system. ValueWave™ no-touch switches are designed for easy installation and trouble-free service in high traffic applications. In addition to this narrow version, the CM-221 & CM-222 Series switches are available in a range of other models with single and double gang heavy-gauge stainless steel faceplates and include illuminated light rings. 3

  • AC Nio

    AC Nio

    Aiphone, a leading international manufacturer of intercom, access control, and emergency communication products, has introduced the AC Nio, its access control management software, an important addition to its new line of access control solutions. 3

  • EasyGate SPT and SPD

    EasyGate SPT SPD

    Security solutions do not have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demonstrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as an industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. 3