October 2012


Ease of Inspiration

From the practical solutions today to tomorrow’s app store

By Rob Muehlbauer

There were dreams and promises of Minority Report-like video intelligence that could predict a crime before it happened. Fortunately, industry expectations have come back down to earth, and we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way.

It's Time To Take A New Approach

There is no way corporations can ensure security on their networks

By Neal Creighton

Despite networks’ best efforts to thwart them, motivated, sophisticated attackers are going to get into a network.

The Great Outdoors

Wireless surveillance provides liability protection, safe passage in outdoor environments without breaking the bank.

By John Graham

New IP-based surveillance solutions leverage advanced wireless protocols and solar power to allow property owners to extend the reach of their surveillance system without the expense.

The Path to Intelligence

Centralized security management is for businesses of all sizes

By Rich Mellott

Centralized management of security solutions is not a new concept for large enterprise environments.

Hardened Networks Add Reliability to Remote Monitoring

IP-enabled video cameras have dramatically changed the way physical security can be implemented

By Jim Krachenfels, TJ Roe

Industrial Ethernet is a powerful tool when planning for the deployment of remote security monitoring in any setting that has environmental challenges.

Network vs. Device Security

Which is more important in a collaborative environment?

By Sanjay Jain

As virtual offices and remote workforces become the norm, so does the need for a secure mobile collaborative environment.

Change is Constant

Technologies are solving the demanding needs in the industry

By Matt S. Nelson

In wireless technology, change is the only constant. Today’s world contains many technologies that are considered to be “high-tech,” and wireless technology definitely qualifies.

Driving Video Surveillance

Megapixel imaging, cameras, wireless transmission are game changers

By Greg Peratt

The transition from analog to IP video systems has been a dominant market trend in the last several years, and the associated technology transition has similarly dominated the attention of integrators and end users.


Mid-size Security Threats

By Ralph C. Jensen

It would be hard to dispute that the banking industry has an enormous stake in security operations. In fact, other than the government, the financial services industry is considered one of the top spenders for worldwide security solutions.

Networking Security

Cashing In On Hosted Video

How a Texas loan company cut capital expenses and streamlined surveillance operations with hosted video.

By Matt Krebs

The individual cash pay-outs might be small, but for Texas Title Loans—a chain of 14 short-term loan shops stretching from Dallas to San Antonio—keeping an eye on the till was creating big problems.

Back to the Future

By Ralph C. Jensen

Convergence has come, and while there are still analog cameras being produced, bought and installed, the security industry has become a networked prism.

The New Landscape Of Imaging

Affordable, smarter network cameras provide more capabilities at the edge

By Greg Peratt

New developments in network cameras are enhancing their role as imaging sensors at the edge of IP video networks. The new landscape in imaging includes cameras that offer new capabilities, can see better and are smarter and more versatile.

Challenge Accepted

Tackling enterprise mobility

By Naeem Zafar

The lesson of Pandora could be, in short, that containers secure enough to lockdown all the evil in the world are probably secure enough to protect good things, too.

To See Or Not To See

Council on Aging incorporates innovative 'eyelids' for cameras

By Del V. Salvi

Privacy was an immediate concern when the Council on Aging in Marshfield, Mass., sought to install a video surveillance system.

Dealer Quarterly

Security In The Glades

Long road to the top finally pays off

By Ralph C. Jensen

Rob Hile’s security career started somewhat quietly, in sales and business development with a leading manufacturer of HVAC controls and security platforms.

How Security Dealers Can Deliver

Generating RMR from physical access control as-a-Service

By Bill Moran

Traditional systems that required heavy upfront IT infrastructure investments have given way to cloudbased systems.

The Missing Link

Is Wi-Fi affordable for the connected home?

By Ralph Maniscalco

The importance of telecommunication companies on the security and home automation scene is becoming increasingly apparent as more end users become educated about the latest technology.

Government Security

Head In The Cloud Feet On The Ground

Things to remember when choosing a cloud PACS in the federal government

By Kevin Kozlowski

More government agencies are taking their physical access control system (PACS) to the cloud, and it’s easy to see why.

City Leverages Security

Benefits include 75 percent drop in criminal reports

By Rick Ramsay

The city of Selma, Ala., seamlessly manages a high-definition surveillance system by implementing control center network video management software (NVMS) with HD Stream Management.

A Murky Eight Years

The myths of HSPD-12 compliance

By Geri B. Castaldo

It has been eight years since President George W. Bush signed Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) into law and four years since its compliance deadline.


New Products

  • Camden Door Controls ‘SER” Surface Boxes and Extension Rings

    Camden Door Controls ‘SER” Surface Boxes and Extension Rings

    Camden Door Controls has introduced new ‘SER” surface boxes and extension rings that provide a complete solution for new construction. In addition, they provide a simple and robust solution when replacing round wired and manual push plate switches with either Camden’s wired or wireless SureWave™ no-touch switches or Kinetic™ no-battery wireless switches. 3

  • QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    The latest Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform offers next-generation smart camera IoT solutions to improve safety and security across enterprises, cities and spaces. The Vision Intelligence Platform was expanded in March 2022 with the introduction of the QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers superior artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at the edge. 3

  • LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

    LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

    LiftMaster Transforms the Garage Door Opener Into a Sleek Smart Home Device That Does More Than Open and Close the Garage Door 3