Security Products Magazine October 2013 Digital Edition

October 2013

  • WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY - Wireless Devices are Everywhere
  • RETAIL SECURITY - Cooling High-Crime Hotspots
  • SECURITY MOBILE APPS - Changing Business
  • INTELLIGENT VIDEO - Setting New Benchmarks


Remote Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

Quicker response times to disasters lead to less crisis situations

By Matt S. Nelson

Remote monitoring of critical infrastructure used to be very difficult, but thanks to available technologies, this task can be achieved with a fraction of the resources required in the past.

Cooling High Crime Hotspots with Mobile Surveillance Technology

How Glenwood Police Department uses portable video camera platform as roving security zone

By John Bartolac

Like many small town police departments seeking to maintain neighborhood safety, the Village of Glenwood, Ill., needed to squeeze every ounce of value from its law enforcement tools.

Setting New Benchmarks

Wide area surveillance delivers superior detail

By Scott Schafer

High-definition, megapixel cameras can cover larger areas with fewer cameras while delivering superior detail and improving overall security operations.

Wireless Devices are Everywhere

Once unreliable, now part of everyone’s wish list

By Tim Myers

Wireless devices are everywhere. They are in our homes and offices in the form of mobile smart phones, tablets and personal computers, among other things.

Changing Business

Mobile devices have a completely different technology outlook

By Dan Cremins

Five or six years ago, when PDAs began taking on the characteristics of today’s Blackberries, iPhones and Androids, video surveillance manufacturers rushed to develop mobile capabilities.


Storybook Ending

China’s national treasure is a cute, playful bear

By Ginger Hill

Whether it was “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “Hansel and Gretel” or “Red Riding Hood,” we all had our favorite fairy tales as children. As adults, it seems these stories fade into the background of our memories, only remembered if we have children of our own.

Redefining the New Normal

By Ralph C. Jensen

Frank DeAngelis has given his all to the students and community of Columbine High School. Now, 14 years after the tragic shooting, DeAngelis is retiring as school principal.

Smart Cards Boost Security

University boosts campus-wide switchover to electronic locks

By April Noblitt

In a bold move to improve security, specifically in student housing, Miami University (MU) in Oxford, Ohio replaced mechanical locks on more than 4,000 residence rooms and installed electronic locks and smart card credentials on others during a 90-day summer break.

Dealer Strategies

Home Automation

The New Security Sale

By Shawn Welsh

The reality is that the security industry is undergoing technology-driven changes, and nothing can be done to arrest them. It’s not hard to find signs of the upheavals.

A Unified Hub

A Unified Hub Tyco’s center provides centralized management for large enterprises

By Renae Leary

Tyco’s Global Accounts Program meets the needs of some of the largest, highprofile, enterprise customers in the world. At the heart of the global account program, Tyco’s Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) provides global program management and programming services for unified security throughout an enterprise.

Making Video Verified Response a Priority

How the alarm system can reduce property crime, improve public and officer safety, and lower insurance premiums

By Jamie Friedlander

When the owner of a 7,000 sq. ft. RadioShack warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas worried about his space’s security, he decided to install a video-verified alarm system.

Beat the Competition with Quality

Take advantage of quality service and gain a competitive advantage through IQ certification

By Richard Hahn

A business that is successful in a competitive market over a long period of time, with repeat customers, must be providing a product or service that meets or exceeds customer needs. This means the company is providing quality using best business practices.

Legend in the Making

Casino end user goes the route of full IP integration

By Todd Flowers

Because of the advantages in the transmission of both audio and video data, as well as control signals, IP-based surveillance has caught on in recent years. The data provided can be synthesized into new, custom build-outs that allow the support of HD images, analytics for operational purposes, local or remote video storage, remote control and monitoring.

All About the Customer

By Ralph C. Jensen

Businesses set goals, and employees are involved in meeting those benchmarks, year in and year out. The same is true in the security monitoring business, which translates to complete security for homeowners.

New Products

  • ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

    ALTO Neoxx Electronic Padlock

    Built to withstand all access control needs, the tough new SALTO Neoxx electronic padlock takes security beyond your expectations. 3

  • PDK IO Access Control Software

    PDK.IO Access Control Software

    ProdataKey now allows for "custom fields" within the interface of its software. Custom fields increase PDK's solutions' overall functionality by allowing administrators to include a wide range of pertinent data associated with each user. 3

  • LenelS2 BlueDiamond™ mobile app

    enelS2 has introduced its Indoor Location subscription-based service for businesses and other organizations using LenelS2’s BlueDiamond™ mobile app version 2.1.8 for smartphones. 3